Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Random Thoughts

I'm not in the mood to write a real posting on the Mets today. First, I did that on Flushing University yesterday, where I was basically chased out with pitchforks and torches by my dear friend Dingo for writing this. At least, I believe that most Mets fans are divided on Willie.

I also attended the Hawaiian Tropic Zone SNY event last night - chronicled in a job well done (as usual) by the great Zoe herself. Also in attendance was home girl SNK, Trey (nice to meet you finally!) and the boys from Metsblog, Mets Heads and Hotfoot. It was great meeting everyone.

I don't plan on going back to the "Zone" anytime soon - if at all - but it was definitely "tastefully" done even though a.) their drinks - although very creative and yummy -did not come with a side of Vaseline and b.) their dude bartender Scott was a real dickhead - or douchefuck, I think was the word once used on The Metropolitans or Toasty Joe (don't remember which one guys, but it always stood out for me). Now, I may have a mouth like a truckdriver on here and in real life (I am the daughter of a construction worker), but I do only reserve either of those two words for the well-deserving!

Now, our Mets won a heart-racer-to-the-end of a game last night...against the Pirates, but a win is a win and I take it. But let's get the train rolling for the rest of this series and the ones against the Nats, m'kay? And let's make last night's game 100% more decent this time!!

In other news, just a few MSF Announcements:

Eddie Kranepool Society, one of the godfathers of the Mets blogging community, has returned after a semi-brief hiatus! Welcome back, Mr. Kranepool!

Also, one of our dearly departed Mets, Jose "Awfulman" Offerman was arrested today for assault with a bat - during a Long Island Ducks game. There are no words. If you haven't seen the video, well, it's not for the feint of heart, but you should give it a look. Ugh.

And - that's about it folks. If you are new to the MSF, welcome! Please identify yourself and say hello. Visit often!!


Zoe said...

Ha. Looking forward to our next bloggers gathering, chica!

mr. met said...

Douchefuck was me. Your memory is astounding.

I got my days all confused. I was going to make an attempt to go since I work in Rockefeller Center and it is on my way back home, but I'm dumb and unorganized.

Toasty Joe said...

Mine was "fucktard."

Toasty Joe said...

Coop, is there a video of the Offerman attack? I haven't seen it. Pictures yes, video no.

Coop said...

Try Youtube, but I know there is one out there

lodigs said...

Damn, a legit reason to go to that wretched place and I missed out? Next time I'm in!!