Tuesday, August 21, 2007

A Playoff Atmosphere at Shea Today

The title is a play on Tim McCarver's call during Gary Carter's first game as a New York Met (Besides the "Welcome to New York, Gary Carter"). We all got to see just how clutch Gary was, by hitting a walk off home run against the hated Neil Allen and the Cardinals. McCarver said (in his less homery days), "It's a World Series atmosphere today."

With the chill in the air, and two top teams in their respective divisions facing each other...why, yes, Coop, there is a playoff atmosphere.

Think about it - two former fan favorites on the rival team, one who never lived up to his potential, the other as a scrappy guy who always seemed to come through.

And that scrappy guy's replacement? Has a 5 RBI night. Thank you very much.

Both teams showcase the two top closers in the league, who are as bulletproof as they come.

Wonder who's going to blow the save first??? Well, technically, Wags gets the win, so you figure it out.

Welcome to New York, Luis Castillo.

And welcome to New York, Jeff Conine, who joins the team via a trade with the Reds. I like the move, reasons illustrated here. And so long to Damion Easley, who grew on me, as I'm sure he did many Mets fans.

Carlos Beltran won Player of the Week honors. Good job Carlos! He may have earned the POTW title...he may disearn the FU and MSF titles we have bestowed upon him here, if he keeps this play up.
I'll be at the game tomorrow, stop by and say hey!!


Anonymous said...

You, madam, are quintessential Mets blogger: you love the Mets and hate the Mets.....alot. I love it. I'm going to give you a hug when I see ya. You're gonna need a hug after the ass whuppin you're sittin thru tonight.


Coop said...

No kidding Khalid!!! See you soon!