Wednesday, August 29, 2007


Not happy right now. Not at all.

First, I had a great "date" with the great Zoe (wipe those dirty thoughts out of your head please) at the Ziegfeld Theater.

The not so great part - the Mets sucking the life out of me, one breath at a time.

Starting with:
Making mediocre pitchers look like Cy Young, Nolan Ryan, Tom Seaver and Rick Sutcliffe rolled into one...TWO nights in a row. (e.g. Jamie Moyer - JAMIE MOYER!!! - and friggin Adam Eaton).
Jose Reyes getting picked off. Twice. Can he pretty please get a hit every once in a while?
Carlos Delgado trying to desperately rebound.
Rallies getting killed left and right.
Marlon Anderson getting called for interference on the last play of the game.
Oh Pea getting the loss tonight.

I know, I know. It's a team effort (and believe me, at this point, I would take a team win with No-Pea Decision over an Oh Pea win anyday of the week), but he did pitch well enough to win.

So goes the way of the Mets I guess.

I guess some things to glean is that -- if you are an opposing team to the Mets, and you have a pitcher who needs to get his stats up (like ERA), just throw him on the mound. Mets wouldn't able to hit the broad side of a barn right now.

As for the offense. Where have all-llll the batters gone...Long time passing?

Seriously, I feel like it's been years since we had a good game. And the last one we had was on SATURDAY.

I guess I will leave you with this thought - at Faith and Fear today, commenter Whitney said that the winning streaks are "brief respites from all of the ugliness and frustration" which i thought so eloquently described what was going on this year.


It's more ~Whew~ Glad we got that one.

And what the phlying phuck is that about?

Few things to make you smile though:

Zoe has got great pictures of the bloggerati event on Tuesday. Of course, the game didn't turn out like we expected, but I had some good laughs courtesy of....well basically everyone at the table.

Looks like Pedro might be making his first start during the next home series against the Astros. I plan to be there with bells on, whatever game he is making his appearance at.

September call ups are soon!!!! Maybe young blood like Willie Collazzo, Joe Smith and Phil Humber can inject some youth into this old fart team.

I'm taking a few days off. This team has pissed me off so much. I'll be available for comments. Later.


debmc said...

I don't blame you, Coop, not one bit. This team would piss off ten saints, as my mother would say.

If they don't win this game this afternoon, I might actually spend some money to take out an ad in the New York papers denouncing them as my team of choice, for obvious reasons *giggle,* lol.

The Coop said...

Deb, I triple dog dare you to do that!! But hopefully, it won't come to that. You also better email me at my gmail account and let me know what the H-E-double-hockey-sticks is going on with you woman!!!!! :D

GaryG said...

Coop, if you're not careful with this sorry ass team right now, if they don't get their heads together they will be on the outside looking up come Monday.

The Coop said...

If *i'm* not careful? What about the clowns getting paid a lot more money than any of us will ever see in our lifetimes being careful? They're kinda like - duh!

GaryG said...

Bad English. Meant if they're not careful.

will said...

i cannot believe this week. what a spectacularly ugly chokejob all around