Saturday, August 04, 2007

One, Two, Three, Four, Five, Six, Seven, Eight...Schlemeel, schlemazel...

Hasenfeffer incorporated!!!!!
And so goes the song to our favorite girls from Milwaukee, Laverne and Shirley, although Shirley has been on the DL. *snicker* I keed, I keed, this is supposed to be a lighthearted trip round up, right!?!?!

So it all starts when I land in Chicago very early in Thursday morning, wait for Metsgrrl, get the car, and hop on I-94 which is a straight shot from O'Hare right to Millie-wah-kay (which is Algonquin for "the good land" -- if you are not familiar, please watch "Wayne's World")

Driving through Wisconsin was....weird. I can't really describe it, it was the first time I had driven through it, but it was just pastures upon green pastures. Then "Cheese Houses," firework shops and pornography.

But then the oasis in the green desert was this:

It just literally appeared out of nowhere!

We a sea of tailgaters. At around 11:30 am. These people were there way before. Here are some Mets fans we happened upon, who were parked right by us!
Of course, no Brewers park is complete without homages to Hank Aaron:

...and to Robin Yount and his mullet (which was dead-on, if you ask me).
We walk in through the rotunda behind home plate. MG found the last piece of her Miller Park Sausage Race collection, the Chorizo (as detailed in my Coop & Metsgrrl's Excellent Adventure posting) -- after which she turns to me and says - "Yes." (The Ollie Perez way of saying "yes" has become our rallying cry, to say the least). Then the lifesize bobble head dolls!!!

We also saw the back of our newly anointed Senor Sabor and all the other racing Sausages -- no doubt heading to warm up for their big race.
(I didn't get a good shot of the race unfortunately, I got caught in a line and caught the race from up high)
Lo and behold, our seats were in Section 117, straight in from the rotunda and right behind home plate (six rows back to be exact!).
Here is a view of the scoreboard from our seats (pretty sweet, huh?)

If you've watched the games from home, you must be familiar with Bernie's perch - the Brewers mascot!

Since this was a day game after a night game, no BP :( - but we did get to see the likes of Pedro Feliciano and Guillermo Mota stretching in the outfield before the game (and no, people, The Coop didn't say anything obnoxious to Mota about ANYTHING...really, I didn't!! MG will back me up on it).
Once the game started, Bernie hung out and hung up "K" signs whenever their pitcher struck a Met out!!! I also saw him go down the slide when the Brewers hit a home run, but he was too quick for me to snap a pic. Anyway...
And no My Summer Family road trip would be complete without a pic of Oh Pea -- albeit a very grainy one, but he's wearing sunglasses that he thinks are very cool. "Yes." I'm sure he would say.
Of course, Brian Lawrence starts the game and we think -- dang, too bad we can't drink. He did his part though, holding down the fort while the Mets came back in a sabor-like fashion in the 9th inning...saving MG and I from having to miss extra innings to make the PJ concert back in Chicago. Sweet.
We were happy campers...the fans there thought we were funny - I mean, we were making fun of our *own* players, not their own. I think that it's a definitively NY thing.

Did I mention it was HOT, I mean, Africa hot there. And the bugs! OMG! Green things. They were gross. But all in all, a very very good time.

The verdict is out on the stadium. I might have to attend a night game there next year just to see if I like it or not. I'm sure you call can tell, it was beautifully done, the gimmicks there are extra gimmicky and I can you hate on a place that serves Miller High Life on DRAFT!!!
And tomorrow, the moment you've all been waiting for...The Wrigley Wreport!!!
Speaking of Wrigley...tough breaks for John Maine today. Oh well. Glavine goes up for #300 again tomorrow night. I have a better feeling about it. He has to be on his money tomorrow.

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debmc said...

You freakin' girls look like you had waaaaayyyyy too much fun, shame on you! lol

Seriously, though, nice pictures and a nice recap of what I'm sure was a great time. I've always myself thought how much fun it would be to do things like this, but of course, I'm much too socially retarded and lazy to get my ass up long enough to even make the plans, let alone motivate myself to actually do the going, lol!

Anyway, I'm glad you ladies had a good time, and I'm enjoying reading about all of your adventures!