Sunday, August 12, 2007

Mr. Met Says "Takin Care of Business!"

Did you know that Mr. Met has an entourage of Pepsi and Mets "fun" crew around him at all times? I shit you not, some fan started yelling, "Hey everyone, Mr. Met is coming down!" And all the kids around us starting going nuts...till one of the Pepsi crew said, "Please don't do that, Mr. Met needs to get somewhere."


Well, any other day, I might have let the Pepsi beyotch have it. But I was happy. First, I got to attend the game with one of my favorite Mets fans ever, and I am proud to announce that we have a 1.000 record on the season for live games at Shea!! And ironically, Oh Pea has started both those games. Oh Pea got the win the last time around...this time, unfortunately, no.

But it's OK. I will take a No-Pea Decision any day for a Mets win in the end. And win they did, although it seemed to take a while before they decided to click on all cylinders. Mr. Contribution himself (Thanks Toasty!) Moises Alou contributed big time, by getting two of the Mets 10 hits and four RBIs of the Mets 10 runs scored this game. Wheee!

Heck, even Metsgrrl agreed we might have to change our little nickname for Moises now. (And considering everyone in the midwest thinks all NYers heckle their own players because of us...this is a huge undertaking!).

In other news...Paul LoDuca has hit the DL and Mike "Dr. Evil" DiFelice is called up. Now it looks like Ramon "Pumpkin Head" Castro (if you can give me the Spanish translation for Pumpkin head, I will buy you a cerveza at the next game we both attend) might be out too. Although it sounds like nothing a little advil (or Massengill, like in Beltran's case) can't cure.

Otherwise -- we just wait. Wait and see. Wait and see how the Phils and Braves match up ends this weekend. And maybe, just maybe, win a series against two last place teams in the Pirates and the Nats this week.


Ceetar said...

as much as the weekend sucked, (I'm 13-9 seeing the Mets live myself, although 1.000% on the road, 2-0) I guess I can live with it. The Marlins can play good sometimes, Wagner's not going to be perfect, and there were some good signs, some power from Wright and Delgado, some comebacks when they need it it, some adding on.

I'll take it, I'll move on. And as usual, Atlanta loses the series after winning against the Mets, and Philly and Atlanta are too busy fighting for third to fight for first.

Zoe said...

Excellent pic of Mr. Met! It's hiding that brown blotchy stain on the back of his head :)

Thanks for the fun, chickie! Can't wait to see you tomorrow.

Staci said...

I agree with you, except that I'm a big kid...and after driving up to NY for the final subway series game at SHEA this past may, after the Yankees pulled away halfway thru, seeing Mr. Met walking towards us in the 6th inning on the ramp was MY SAVING GRACE...I squealed with delight..and Bulldog my best friend, started laughign so hard he could barely hold the camera...and then the "entourage" was all doing their "men in black" impersonation telling me to get back...but Mr. Met...reached out and put his arm around me for the goofiest picture of my life...It hink I devoted like 1500 words to the moment on my blog...LOL...
so i'm with you- WTF!