Saturday, August 11, 2007

Let Me At 'Em, I'll Splat 'Em!!

Courtesy of Yahoo! Pictures
What is it with these scrappy Marlins??

I didn't write about Friday night's game because...I mean...why? I figured I'd have better news on Saturday.

Is there any consolation? Sort of. Friday, Philly defeated Atlanta. So today, Atlanta returns the favor and beats Philly. I guess if they go up and down like that it can't be TOO bad for the Mets right?

And I mean...with Billy Wagner blowing the save on Friday, he got it out of his system, right? So that means Billy, I give you a pass this time. But no more this season. OK?
Well, I guess we have Florida -- another sub par team -- to worry about. Heaven forbid we take a series or SWEEP a 4th place team.
I guess my consolation is hanging out with my homegirl tomorrow and watching Oh Pea. This will be the first Sunday game I've attended on my season plan this year, if you can believe it. We'll be getting this AND seeing a celebration for Glavine too! NICE!

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debmc said...

Coop, I'm sick and tired of the way our guys are playing, in general, and playing at home, in particular. It's at the point where I almost don't look forward to homestands, I mean, WHY? This past homestand they were 2 and 4, I mean, TWO AND FOUR!!!!!!

I just wish I knew what the problem is. I don't know about you, but I keep waiting.... and waiting... and waiting for them to get it going, to kick it into gear, and the only gear they seem to be kicking into is reverse, lol hee hee hee. Only, I guess it isn't funny. I have visions of the season ending, and the Mets being in front of their TVs watching postseason play, rather than playing in it.... aaarrgghhh!