Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Leave it to Pea-ver

**Down from euphoric road trip, back to being a regular ol' Mets fan**

I gotta give Willie some props (and you know it's a rare day when i actually do that).

When facing potentially the most important series of the year against the hated Braves, second place by 4.5 games, and your second starter in the series is Brian Lawrence, who was decent when Metsgrrl and I saw him in Milwaukee, what do you do with the extra day of rest? Start Lawrence on Wednesday anyway, or bump Duque and Maine up so your three stronger starters finish the job?

Of course, Willie makes the right decision.

But according to folklore (well, reality-lore if you will), Oh Pea has been the strongest starter against the Braves, as the winning pitcher for all three games won against the Braves this year.

And out of the three starters, suffice to say, I had the most confidence in Pea. Not just because of my strange obsession with him but because he has the most cajones on the pitching staff. Tom Glavine would have blown a game. Duque is a warrior but...sometimes...he has his moments. Maine will do a good job but that will be the night the Mets forget to hit (of course, Tim Hudson, aka met Kryptonite, is starting that game).

So what happens? Pea loses it. Gives up a three-run dinger to Frenchy. WTF? This was the same guy talking smack last year...along with his butt buddy Marcus Giles about how winning the Wild Card was like kissing your sister (ask Smoltzie about his feelings on that too).

Not to mention they blow through the 'pen tonight. For the love of fuck as Sassdawg would say - Sele AND Schoeneweis? Why doesn't Willie just wave the white flag then and there?

But now we just have to take the next two. Take it in the ass today. And rely on Duque and Maine.

Otherwise this has the potential to become another series the fans care more about than the fucking team does.


Drop by Section 14 tomorrow night if you're in da howse. Mr. E and I will be there in grand fashion.

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Seat 5 said...

Looked for you in 14 tonight Coop I figure with your boy on the mound you'd be around. But you probably saved yourself alot of grief. That was awful.

I just sat there for about 6 innings thinking to myself "why oh why can they not beat this team??" Piss Hands Alou also did his part to piss away every glimmer of hope a hungry Met crowd had tonight.

But what can you do? As always, just go get em tomorrow and find a way to win this series. Have fun at the game tomorrow! Go Mets!