Saturday, August 25, 2007

Hercu-Peas! Hercu-Peas!

I just want to ask - why is there so much hype surrounding Brad Penny?

I know he's a pretty fly pitcher and all...for, you know, the first half of most seasons. Then he tapers off and usually finishes off the year, 15-8. Decent, but hardly mind-blowing. Al Leiter-esque, if you ask me.

But Oh *here* is God's gift to a pitching staff. OK, maybe just a gift for yours truly, but after getting into some early trouble this evening, my boy gives himself a stern talking to (maybe like Willie last Saturday, only this time Pea says, "Yes")...Then he puts on his cape and is Senor Sabor once again. Maybe MG had her Chorizo Sabor doll with her for good luck tonight...

For now, though, I am just overwhelmed by the amount of offense and clutch hitting going down these days.

First, I said it once, I will say it again - say what you want about Jose Reyes being a sparkplug. David Wright will be the MVP this year. .400 for the month of August? Plus he defensive web gems of the day...yowza.

Carlos Beltran - may not be a Shirley or a BP candidate for long...

Carlos Delgado on the other hand (sorry Zoe!) patience is wearing very thin with him.

Do you know I had people telling me after the game tonight that there's still time with Carlos Delgado to turn things around?

OK people - De Nile is NOT just a river in Egypt. People, it's SEPTEMBER! Unless your name is Yadier Friggin Molina and you don't play on the Mets, turning it around late in the season (or post-season...) is a fluke. Carlos Delgado, I can see it now...he will be a dead weight come this post-season, mark my words. Being a Mets fan for so many years...I can try to be as optimistic and Ya Gotta Believe as much as possible...but I've had my heart broken so many times and this stuff happens to the teams PLAYING the Mets, not the Mets themselves.

However, I will be the first to eat crow when/if that happens (I also know the BMF and MSF pact to get tattoos is contingent upon this too).

I have an announcement to make...

Coop's made the big time, y'all!!! Seriously folks, Cerrone and the folks over at Metsblog were kind enough to give MSF a mini-blurb today - so if you don't visit there, visit often and or some shit.

So in the spirit of "link-dropping," visit the other sites mentioned too if you haven't already. While I've been to Blastings Thrilledge (which get the Coop seal of approval, I don't think I've put it up yet) and Do Me Wright a few times, the others I was not familiar with and they all have very unique angles. Check 'em out, tell 'em The Coop sent ya!...

...Or don't. I just felt like saying that.

And last but certainly not least (because if you've made it this far, you must be pretty cool), the always lovely and always talented (in addition to many other superlatives!) Zoe is hosting a "bloggerati" event at the Blind Pig on Tuesday, August 28, in honor of the Mets plundering into Philly like the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man! 6:30, be there or be very very circlish. Zoe has arranged to get the Mets on the big screen and hopefully she is working her mojo to get some drink specials going past happy hour! (Pretty please, with all the good stuff?!?!?!?)

Even if you are not a "blogger," what the heck! All are invited as well! Kidding about the groupies part, not kidding about coming. You guys make our sites more interesting.


SNK said...

Coop- congrats on making the big time :) Pea certainly took a step toward returning to first-half form last night, so good to see.

Coop eats crow! Coop eats crow! Delgado POTM for September! Ya gotta believe... haha

Sad i'll be missing the next blogger fiesta, but there are other things in life besides baseball sometimes...(tennis!)

Re MVP debate, check out the thread on FU deb started in the rest of baseball section on that point

Coop said...

Thx Stef- I just put my $.02 in!

If you can, that is, if you don't have tennis going on then hee hee, cerrone and them are hosting a thing over at MacFaddens on friday night. I'm not sure if I'm going but if you and / or Zoe do, I might be convinced to go :-)

dave said...

Like the site. I'm with you on the hype surrounding Penny.

And whoever told you "there's still time for Delgado to turn it around" must believe we also have a competent bullpen.

SNK said...

yea i know, was thinking about the 8/31. If i'm around, i could be convinced as well...

re Penny, more surprising than his 2nd half splits are his stats at shea - i did some digging into his homerun stats in ballparks, for a pitcher who is stingy w/ HRs, shea really eats him alive! (i put some numbers on my site)

John Peterson said...

Congrats on the Metsblog blessing and thanks for the love.

Blastings Thrilledge

Zoe said...

Ha. If I can't get belated drink specials, I'll at least order some onion rings for the table :) We've got a big booth with 2 tables.

AND. AANNDD. I just today finally found my dream Mets tank top. Simple. Blue. Actually fits and isn't so short it shows tumtum. I've only been looking for it for FOUR years.

Honey, I'm frustrated with Delgado, too. I love the guy, but that doesn't mean I trust him in a clutch situation right now. But then, nobody does :(