Friday, August 31, 2007

Going On Mets Sabbatical

I know, I totally sound like a fairweather fan right now. But think what you want. Most of my Mets Family, Summer Family, Real Family, whatever other classifications know I am the furthest thing from that.

But I don't think my blood pressure can bear any more of these heartbreaking losses.

Look, yesterday was just ugly. We need to face it and realize the Phils wanted it more and just chalk it up to just really really ugly and bad luck. Not to mention a really really ugly and bad bullpen.

I was supposed to be attached to the television this weekend. I mean, prior to the Phils series (which I truly believed we would at WORST split, not get swept out of town), I was looking forward to the Mets fucking the Braves' moms while the likes of Frenchy, Ondroo and the rest all watched and cried like little bitches.

Right now, I could give a shit.

I was supposed to go watch the game with someone tonight. I told him, unless you want to hang out with the biggest bitch in the world tonight, take me to the movies.

So I'm going to the movies. I'm going to a Cyclones game tomorrow night. And Pedro is supposed to return soon.

I'm reading a book on Sunday. I *might* return to the Mets world by Monday, but that's only cause Blondies Jake is making a super special appearance this weekend and he's watching the game at his home away from home. Seeing Blondie's Jake is as rare as an Elvis viewing.

So I can only hope for three things.

One is that the Mets FINALLY figure out that pitching to Larry Jones is a bad thing.

Two, that the Marlins splat the Phils hearts like they did to us earlier in the month.

And that the Mets may still be in first place next week.

But the Phils are hot right now. And the Mets are like the OutKast song - Ice Cold.

Ice Cold like my beers tomorrow night with LoDigs at the Cyclones game.

And the Happy RECoop is just not coming this month. What's there to be happy about? The fact we are still in first place? Whoop-a-dee-doo. I just paid my postseason invoice. I hope I can use them. Later.


debmc said...

I can't say as I blame you, Coop. When the shit bucket starts to near the top, well, it's time for LESS shit, and not MORE shit... lol. Let's hope the Mets shovel the shit rather than heaping the shit this weekend. LOL

GaryG said...

Enjoy the vacation, Coop. I prefer torture, Larry Jones style. What can I say? It's in my blood.

will said...

i made the exact same pledge with myself. i WAS going to be watching each bloody game this weekend. instead i think i'll busy myself with the us open (hey! a different sporting event in queens!), and hope that when i open my eyes and ears on monday, the view will look better than the gaping asshole it is now.

SNK said...

lol, I guess I like torture too GaryG :)

But i totally understand...come back soon!