Saturday, August 25, 2007

Give 'Em Hell, Carlos

I'm wondering during the game if part of the reason Carlos D is doing so poorly this because of himself.

As I once asked the question if we could save Mike Pelfrey from himself-frey, what kills me about Carlos Delgado is not that he is a shadow of his former self but that he is SUCH a keen baseball player. We will only see few like him in our lifetime.

So when the Dodgers intentionally loaded up the bases with 2 out to get to Delgado, the crowd roared. But not with boos, with CHEERS. With standing ovations. I also said out loud - give 'em hell, Carlos.

And give 'em hell he did. Driving in 2 runs with one swing, Laverne Delgado's clutch hit turned out to be the difference maker in the game today.

Not to mention El Duque's balls-on performance. Sure, he gave up back-to-back home runs towards the end, but you have to give him a pass. Not only did he managed to only give up something like 2 hits up to that point, he is also 89 years old. Let's cut him some slack, eh?

And of course my MVP candidate, David Wright, is also clutch.

And I think I might love Jeff Conine. I used to love his name (I used to call him Jeff "Canine" - how funny am I, right??????), but now I love that he is such a gamer on our team.

All in all, it was nice to see the Mets *finally* take a series with the first two games of the series.

Let's get em tomorrow too.


mr. met said...

Is it a "balls on" performance or a "balls deep" performance? I don't think balls being on anything is ever good....Unless you were saying The Duque's 'balls were on the Dodgers proverbial face' which would make sense.

GaryG said...

I thought it was really cool when the fans gave CD that standing ovation... and cooler when he drove in 2 runs.

And how about Sandy Alomar Jr. throwing out two runners and making a great catch.

Coop said...

Mike, I think balls being "on" can't be a bad thing...for a guy at least. Or my theme of the Mets being big pussies. But balls deep works in this situation too. LOL

Coop said...

G, I think I like Sandy Jr a lot. He seems to be doing more than Robbie did in his tenure as a Met and is a lot more appreciative. not to mention, Sandy Jr never spat on an umpire.

Anonymous said...

I gotta get yo numba shorty. Hit me with an email later. You like how I got all Suuuthern on ya right thrrrr?