Thursday, August 09, 2007

Fuck Larry Jones. Fuck Him in His Stupid Ass.

Why, God, Why?

First, I just want to go on record and acknowledge that Larry Jones (I refuse to call a grown-man Chipper, even if he is a redneck) has absolutely OWNED the Mets since...oh I don't know, I guess since the beginning of time. It's so much fun booing him when he plays in New York but you totally KNOW he's one of those guys who plays better because of the boos (like Jim-my Roll-ins! on Opening Day).

But dammit it all to hell. Why don't we have a guy like that? You know, someone who always comes through for his team -- for US, for the Mets -- against the Braves? It seemed like David Wright rose to the occasion in 2006, this year he disappeared. Making a brief appearance in the 9th inning today. Too little, too late, I guess.

Oh I know, the other guy who owns the Braves -- he's on the DL.

Once again, it's the same old song in these parts. The Mets had a chance, nay, SEVERAL chances to take a stand and set the tone. Set these Braves back as far back as they could. Heck, I'd even take a game over what they came in. They just needed to take TWO FRIGGIN GAMES. Just to show 'em who's boss.

Now, we play the Marlins this weekend and I have to worry. If we can't own the last place teams like Nats and Bucs, what is this scrappy young Marlin team going to do to us?

In other news, I had to laugh about this one right here. Confirming what we all knew all along: Roger Clemens is a fucking prick.

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debmc said...

I wholeheartedly agree with the sentiment of Fuck Chipper Jones. Wholeheartedly. As long as I ain't the one doing it, by all means, FUCK CHIPPER JONES!

And here is my little Friday afternoon poem, from FU:

Roses are red
Violets are blue
You know what I'd love to see?
Shit in Chipper's shoe! lol hee hee hee