Saturday, August 04, 2007

Coop and Metsgrrl's Excellent Adventure


Let me put it to you this way. I have been a Mets fans since I was about seven. Since I was 11, I remember telling Mr. E that I wanted to follow the Mets when I was old enough to...follow them into different cities, check out the local fares and the other stadiums. Meet the people who rooted for the other team. And give my boys the love and support they need on the road.

That said, I can't even begin to comprehend everything that has happened in the past 48 hours and change. But I'll try my best.

To get to that point now, I would like to introduce you to somebody special...Meet the "new" Senor Sabor -- the official My Summer Family and Metsgrrl Mets Road Trip Mascot!!! This little guy is the last Miller Park Sausage Race doll that Metsgrrl did NOT have...the Chorizo sausage. Add a little spicy kick - it's Senor Sabor II.

I think this sums it up here..."Yes." (In case you are not in on the joke, perhaps you should revisit this post from back in June, from another Mets road trip, when the original Senor Sabor talked to me before the game)...

As most of you know, Metsgrrl and I took a much needed road trip to follow our beloved Mets in Milwaukee and Chicago. MG also fell into a private Pearl Jam show which won't be discussed in detail on MSF, unfortunately...I will leave that to MG if she is feeling up to the challenge (suffice to say, she's seen them a lot more than I have...and I mean...a LOT MORE), so I think she is more qualified.

And BESIDES, people...this is a BASEBALL BLOG!!!!!!

For now...Coop is home now representin'...and planning to catch up on some much needed rest!!

I will post more details on each stadium (complete with pics) between tonight and tomorrow. To quench your thirst for some on-the-road reporting, I will say that Milwaukee had a really nice and new stadium but the verdict is still out on whether I want to attend another game there...

On the other hand, Wrigley absolutely blew me away. Definitely a must-see for any baseball fan, whether the Mets are playing that day or not. There were LOTS o' Mets fans representin' in the Bratwurst capital of the world. EVEN MORE in the Windy City. I would say the representation was 50/50 Mets fans / Cubs fans. Sometimes, it sounded like we were back in Shea.

Some Cubbie fans gave us a hard time but for the most part, the local fans were all nice. I think the Brewers fans got a kick out of us "New Yawkers" since we heckle our own players more than the other team.

But if there was one thing we could agree on, as Cubs fans and Mets fans, it's THIS (taken outside of the Wrigley bleacher entrance at a bar called Murphy's):
Be back later tonight with the Miller Park Happy ReCoop!!!


Seat 5 said...

The sign is priceless. Absolutely priceless. Welcome back.

Zoe said...

Can't wait to read more from both you sassy ladies!!!

Oh, and is that a sausage in your hand, or you just happy to see me?(sorry! couldn't resist!)

Michael Leggett said...

Murphy's is also a known Red Sox Haven in Chicago