Saturday, July 07, 2007

Wish I Could Remember to Forget

So I head over to Blondie's last night and meet up with the likes of SassDawg, Zoe, SNK, Blondie's Jake, Matt the Met Fan, Dykstraw, the Phanatic (a respectable Phillies fan), heck even a surprise appearance from old friend The Baker! BMF hosted a do-over party for us Mets fans, and hoo-ee, do-over it was. Plenty of beer flowed, food got passed around, and even Miller Lite girls came around and handed out free beers and other novelties (and for the record everyone, my Miller Lite "necklace" is STILL lit up!!).

The night started out pretty well and positive. As evidenced by these photos from Miss Zoe. But the night got uglier and uglier. Even uglier was the fact that Sass and I decided to take the PATH back to Jerzee. Not a good idea. The Coop even got to re-view her drinks and eats for the night when she got home, if you know what I mean.

Oh, wait a minute. You wanted to hear about the game? Oh, you mean this game? Do I need to even go there? I would like to point out one thing however -- we cannot pin this entirely on Mike Pelfrey's head. We simply can't. The Mets bats are thrown out in support of every other pitcher except for him. And save one bad inning, he did pretty well. But treating Wandy Rodriguez like he was Roy Oswalt? Come onnnnnnn. I'd hate to see what it's like when the *real* Roy Oswalt shows up.

Anyway after careful consideration, I've decided to take a mental vacation from this Mets hobby I have, since it not only sucks the life out of me, obviously the team has gone on All-Star Break a few days beforehand. I should be back Wednesday of next week with a second-half review. Let's put it this way's not going to be a glass half-full as my initial pre-season review was. I guess we've all been brought back to earth.

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BookieD said...

Sounds like you guys had a blast! Sorry I missed the festivities (and the Blondies wings). Mrs. Bookie and I (and the Baby) were busy getting ready for Toasty Joe's wedding. We'll catch you guys at the next one. Enjoy the Break