Saturday, July 28, 2007

THIS JUST IN: Carlos Beltran Sits with Yeast Infection

OK OK OK...I know, that was pretty mean but this is the like eight millionth time this dude has sat with some kind of "ailment" that he doesn't DL for.

According to the linked article, Shirley Beltran has not only been sitting for the past two games, but has no intentions of playing either doubleheader game NOR the game on Sunday (well, to be fair, "playing" has not been ruled out either).

Let's just wax intellectual about that for a moment...

Beltran, the $119 million man, has to "think" about playing.

Let me make sure *I* am crystal clear on this. Beltran has two games and is planning on sitting out an additional one to the one for today. Add Sunday's "possibility" and this is five games.


Willie, Omar, I beg of thee - if you don't DL Beltran NOW or at the very least retroactively, I will pull a PETA stunt in front of Shea. OK, maybe not that drastic but I can think of five occasions that this has happened in the past few years. I'm sure most of us can. Some people applaud when a.) Beltran plays hurt or b.) begs out of the line up but does not DL. ENOUGH. He hurts the team when he plays hurt and guess what - he hurts the team if he and his mole take up a roster space.

I think it is most evident that Beltran just begs out when he actually has to perform. Like this weekend, I think it goes without saying this Nats series is an extremely crucial series, two extremely crucial series that the Mets desperately need to set a tone with. Beat up the bad teams and hold their own against the better teams. We took two out of three against the Bucs (though thursdays loss was a tough one, even without Oh Pea). We lost last night's game to the Nats and Mike Bacsik (WTF?). We desperately need to win and honestly folks, with Pelf going tonight, I think The Coop is going to pull a Jose Lima Time and start drinking. Heavily.

Last year, Beltran begged out of the lineup during a series against the Braves. This year - how many times has he done it?

Either DL him or, you know, here's an idea: take some Massengill and shut the F up, Shirley. I'm sick of you. You fucking pussy. No wonder we named a cocktail after you.

Hey -- at least Stings is getting a lot of playing time out of this fucking guy. But Shirley should start earning his paycheck.

Updated after Saturday night's game:
Willie, in typical Willie wisdom, sends Tom Glavine up to pinch hit in a 1-run game, bottom of the game, 1 out.

To quote Denis Leary - what the fuck is that about??????

I know the bench must be decimated due to the craziness of the game, not to mention being the second half of a doubleheader. But COME ON. Someone else has GOT to be there! SassDawg did try to make the best out of a bad situation...saying that if Glavine DID come in to pitch the could be his 300th. Well, he'd get it one way or another.

But come one, Heilman was doing well, just use HIM. Please.

But this is just to say -- if BELTRAN was DL'd...we could have ANOTHER bat sitting on the bench to hit in the 9th. I mean, if he's just sitting there, and quote-unquote NOT INJURED...why isn't he getting the at-bat?

Pussies man.


Seat 5 said...

Friday night was painful to watch Coop. But the 2nd game of the doubleheader was downright painful. The roster gets stretched by Beltran's "not 100%" days and Minaya's unwillingness to ever DL him (even though you know it won't just be 5 games, more likey 10).

Then of course, with the bench stretched, Wilie handles it with the same perfection he handles the pen. TOM GLAVINE PINCH HITTING IN THE 9th INNING OF A 1 RUN GAME?!?!?!? Are you fucking kidding me???

I'm going to be sick. See you next time at Shea. I'll take some dramamine before I get there.

Coop said...

Hey Seat5! I was looking for you on Tuesday night! I wasn't there Friday though but yes the second game of the DH. UGH. yeah Willie's pain meds must be getting to his head.

Question for you - have you visited Flushing University yet? Just curious, if you post on there let me know.

Anthony said...

I dunno. Maybe after you PR Duque for Duke, you PH your RH REPLACEMENT FUCKING CATCHER against the lefty instead of Marlon Anderson. What a fucking dumbass.

writerhoward said...

You don't mess around in your Mets talk. Thanks for stopping by my blog.

GaryG said...

John Delcos reporting that MRI shows fluid buildup of strained oblique. Looks like Beltran headed to DL.

May be blessing in disguise.

Seat5 said...

Hey Coop. I was there Tuesday and Friday, though I usually bring different people with me each time. Gotta love Maine and L Millz homeruns. I'm always in seat 5. Definitely come and find me if you see me - I'll do the same.

By the way, you didn't miss much on Friday night. Not that I don't appreciate the Mets appreciation of different cultures, but Merengue night felt more like a carnival than a game.

I'll see you next Tuesday against the Braves. This time we'll mean business.

mr. met said...

I was really annoyed at the Beltran thing too. Not so much that he isn't playing. Players never want to go on the DL and always refuse. But how many times has Omar been through this one before? You know where this was headed so you just DL him and sorry Carlos, but I need the spot and I want to get you healthy.

Nothing wrong with that...When you put Willie in those spots where you need to deftly manage through a situation, you set him up for failure. I'm sorry, he falls way short as strategist. I kind of blame Omar for not stepping up. How can I blame Willie if he doesn't have the mental capacity to make the right move. Omar left him short-handed so we would no doubt see some hilarity.

debmc said...

Coop, you know EXACTLY how I feel about Shirley Big Fucking Pussy Beltran, already. He's like A-Rod in that it's all Shirley, All The Time, but he's unlike A-Rod in every other way, not nearly the player A-Rod is, and not nearly worth the pussyass Shirleyness he continues to exhibit this year.

What is it, we get Shirley on the field only every other year of his contract? Then let's just pay him for every other year, and see what the fuck he does, lol.

I'm so pissed at the whole thing I have my own form of pussy uproar going on... lol hee hee hee!