Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Oh Can't You, Pea...What This Pitcher, Lawd, He Been Doin' To Me...

So I am still basking in the glow of the Oh Pea meeting...who by the way looked FINE running, and jumping, and kicking, and throwing catch with Duque on Saturday...and now I find he AND Sosa go on the DL.

I heard the DL of the Pea is more of a precautionary thing, which is good for an extended break I guess, and get some more of the young 'uns in here to throw.

But speaking of a not-so-young-un, WTH is up with Tom Glavine? Six runs in the third inning? I think that was when The Coop went to bed last night.

Well I hope they can string together a few wins, because my piece for Flushing University today is about "Setting the Tone." I hope you enjoy!! Although it won't mean nothin', as Richard Marx would say, if they can't at least win two of the next three of this series and then go and wipe the floor with the 'Stros.

Remember - Blondies Party with BMF on Friday!!!


debmc said...

The Ballad of Coopie and Pea Pea...... lol. Hee hee hee....

But seriously, Coooooooop, what the hell did you do to Oh Pea???? You've got that magic touch.... in reverse, hee hee hee.

BTW, funny stuff on FU from ding dong with the Pea quote, huh? I'd like to slap our dear buddy The Donger on occasion... I knew when you saw it, it would get a reaction, lol.

Ding dong sure likes to yank our chains sometimes, doesn't he?

And as I said to Stef on her blog, Glavine is a mess, I think, with the impending 300th win hanging over him. He's more up and down than a manic depressive at this point, and I think once he gets it, if he ever does, he'll settle back down.

To whatever mean that might be (ode to Matt Himelfarb there), lol. I'd love to see Matt's analysis on Glavine..... hee hee hee..... lol.

Zoe said...

Pics up, honey. Hope you don't have too much of a headache today! xx