Tuesday, July 24, 2007

The Maine Milestone

Well tonight's game sponsored two John Maine milestones...his 200th Strikeout and his first ever ML home run!!

I had the luxury of attending this game and believe me when I tell you...you just knew when the ball hit the bat it was going towards LaGuardia.

A Stings Devotee (besides The Coop) and I were also thrilled that Stings went yard too.

A heart attack later by Guillermo Mota...and the Mets win.

Nice one boys.

Another thing Stings Devotee mentioned at one point during the game was - Where's Moises Alou? Initially, Coop thought SD was joking...apparently, not. Just when I think I'm out, it pulls me back in. Alooooooouuuuuuu...stop being so old dammit.

Another item of interest in that article -- Pedro's update. I think...I think...and The Coop has been wrong before...but I would say that Pedro aint gonna come back this season :(.


mr. met said...

The crowd was going berserk for that homer. Must have been amazing to be there.

RE: Pedro....no reports on velocity and 30 days back once he starts his rehab assignment. It's the 25th now and he is not exactly close to starting his assignment. Definitely after August if he ever starts targeting for early to mid-September return? Not exactly heart warming. He could be throwing in the 80's but they have kept it really covered up.

Who knows...I think this team can pull it out with what they have if Maine and Ollie get #1 and #2 in the playoffs. I fear Glavine will be getting two starts in each series though.

Moise can be hurt...we got depth baby and Milledge is batting his way into the lineup.

.282/.310/487 since he returned. no walks....but hey...they will come.

GaryG said...

Coop, Check out the Marty Noble piece on mets.com titled "Alou, Pedro take a step back"

I don't think either is coming back this year. Now, with the best record in the NL even with all our injuries it is not time to panic. I think we can get by with what we have.

BookieD said...

The Maine HR was pretty stunning. I let out a little yelp when I saw it at the gym. You've gotta love 'Stings. I'm waiting out 7/31, and then immediately proceeding to pick up a #44 jersey (though white, grey or BP, I'm not certain).

Back to our resident "White Whale" (Orioles 2B Brian Roberts)--I'm not usually one to propose trades, but can you please tell me on a scale of
"I could see that" to "Idiot WFAN Caller" whether this makes sense for the Mets or Orioles and how realistic it could be:

Gomez, Pelf & Mulvey to the O's for Roberts and Jay Payton.

It's a lot to give up, but Roberts is arguably the best 2B in the AL, and is under contract through 2009. The O's get another top OF prospect, near MLB-ready to go with Markakis, a live arm in Pelf for Mazonie to work on and another solid pitching prospect. Thoughts?

Coop said...

Books, your trade seems fair but while I can part with Mulvey and /or Gomez in a trade involving Roberts, I'm just uneasy about trading Pelf. True his value is a little low right now, but I just have this gut feeling (similar to Chertoff ;-) ) that we haven't seen all Pelf has got to give. Plus Payton? He summons my vomiting reflexes, even if he is a throw in for a Roberts trade.

Besides, in our "dealings" with the O's over the past few years (um, Oswalt three-way last year anybody?), I doubt they deal Roberts at all. I think it was Mike Met who suggested that he is considered the "face" (think: David Wright) of the organization.

Mikeee, you were right...I think Stings Devotee and I were floored at first. Then leaped and hugged. It was great!

BookieD said...

I thought of Payton as an extra OF bat of the bench, with Alou & Endy uncertain. He's better than Ben Johnson or Ledee. I hear you on the flakiness of the O's (plus the whole John Maine thing looking bad for them). I'm not giving up on Pelf, but maybe I'm just reacting to the comments at The Metropolitans from yesterday and thinking that he may need a change of scene in order to succeed (and I'll bet Leo would be happy to take him on). I also remember reading the "face of the organization" comments, but then you have Metsblog saying that the O's could "cut bait" with Roberts & Tejada. Just some food for thought.

mr. met said...

Roberts is loved in Baltimore and by the front office. Besides, I'd be hesitant to give up Gomez, Pelf, and Mulvey.

That seems excessive but again, the Orioles have no real motivation to move him and they balked at what was a really a good deal for Tejada last year. New front office...yes, but he is not coming here. They have cash and want to build around him and see him as a long term guy.

I'm not saying there is not merit in dealing him...you know I think there is so people properly rebuild, but teams just do not.