Saturday, July 14, 2007

I Went to a Baseball Game and All I Got Was This Lousy Endy Chavez Bobblehead

I don't know what to say that hasn't been said or thought already.

Stings had the pressure off and hit a home run. I guess he didn't feel the need to high-five everyone going down the line.

John Maine had ONE bad inning. I'm giving him a pass, since it's rare he has bad innings like that. Still, I was calling for a mulligan the whole game, which would have left the game tied in the 9th if you think about it. But then they'd probably still be playing and I'd not be home writing a post.

Rickey Henderson was coaching first. I nearly fell out when I saw Shawn Green steal a base. Repeat after me folks: Shawn Green.

The Endy Chavez bobblehead was pretty righteous though. Also pretty righteous was seeing Dykstraw (who had a great nickname for Norris Hopper: "Grass" and he takes full credit for it!!)and BMF and Metsgrrl and other constituents of the Summer Family in full force. Oh and Sassdawg was there too.

I don't know when I'll be able to post again, but I'll be back sometime this weekend. I'll definitely be at Ralph Kiner night. Swing by Section 14 and say hey to The Coop.


Seat 5 said...

Coop that game sucked. And why is Endy Chavez's head so small on the doll??? But I had a fantastic time at the game sitting next to you guys and talking Mets baseball. I'm very glad I bought tickets in section 14.

All I really wanted to see was an L Millz blast, and he gave us one, so something good came from the game itself. How about Willie realize that Lo Duca is not a run producer and needs to take pitches to be effective (hint, 8 hole). L Millz is ready to explode onto the scene this year. Stick him in the 6 spot and let him fly.

See you guys next time!

Coop said...

Hey there! It was awesome meeting you guys too. Consider yourselves part of the "family!" feel free to look me up in Section 14, box 572C. I usually sit in the box seats right in front of yours. The next Tues game I have is July 24. Later!