Wednesday, July 18, 2007


I'm not going to comment about this or that...Why you may ask? Well, I've bitched about it enough here and there.

Besides, I've been having to wear my asbestos suits and damn, it's not comfortable.

I've decided to try something a little bit different. I'm not going to bitch about the Mets
(and the "Shirleys" as we've decided to start calling them, according to this thread from FU on Tuesday...). BTW, it's a good one, so don't skip it.

I'm going to bitch about something RELATED to the Mets. And once again, to prove how idiotic some sports writers can be.

FoxSports today had a picture of Pedro Martinez on, relating what contenders needs for the trading deadline were. Contenders meaning, of course, playoff candidates.

What I found EXTREMELY thought provoking is this: Most sports writers still believe the Mets problem is *shock! gasp!* PITCHING. As evidenced by Dayn Perry. Now I happen to believe that Dayn Perry is pretty talented and objective for a sports writers, especially in such a biased industry...but let's get real here.

But I have to say (and I'm sure most of you agree with me) that he is WAAAAAAAAY off in his assessment.

I guess the deeper question - who out there is better than who we have already?

Let's look at the big picture. According to Baseball Reference, the team's average ERA is 3.83. Second best in the National League, behind the team we are playing the rubber game tonight. This is very impressive considering the Padres have arguably the best pitcher and CY candidate in the National League with Jake Peavy, another strong starter in Chris Young and old stalwart and Brave bastard Greg Maddux (boasting, btw, a "mighty" 4.35 ERA, snicker).

Oh and I would like to point out that John Maine, our "projected back-end starter" this year, is solid ranking #5 in ERA in the NL. Suh-weet. Plus, I would like to point out that Baseball reference has earmarked a stat called hits allowed/9IP. Young and Peavy rank #1 and #2 respectively...but guess who are #3 and #4? I'll give you two hints: one is a guy I mentioned at the top of this paragraph...the other is the object of my affection.

So let me ask you this - why is it that the Mets pitching staff is the Rodney Dangerfield of pitching staffs?
Basically, it's because they are the Mets. And with relative unknowns like Jorge Sosa and John Maine going every fifth day (though Maine is arguably becoming "known"), and old farts like Tom "When am I gonna get #300?" Glavine and El Duque anchoring the rotation (and Oh Pea being labeled "erratic" when he is not-so-much anymore)...I can see almost why.

But you would think by now, people would see that with their team ERA, and the fact that some dude name Pedro is coming back soon, that it's not the pitching.

It's the offense, stupid! And the middle relief. So technically, OK, it can be "pitching," but in all fairness, Perry DID say "starting pitching." So meh.

Anyway, my point is...we don't need anymore starting pitching. I mean, starting pitching GOOD...but not to the point where we have to give up a Stings or a Mike Carp or some high level prospect. I mean, honestly, Mike Pelfrey is working out the 'pen, which I think can be a good thing for him to at least work on some of his secondary stuff and we've got Phil Humber, who I truly believe can be dominant or at least, a dominant #2 or #3 in my heart.

And unless we are getting Danny Haren for Aaron Heilman and cash straight up...We aint getting no starting pitching.

But bats...bats are good. And that is what the Mets need.

And if Moises Al-Who? returns this century, we may get that bat we desperately need. Without trading anyone, praise jeebus!

And I better not hear any Milledge for Manny rumors either.

What I need to hear is Carl Crawford rumors. I need to hear Brian Roberts rumors (I know, that's Dawg's player du jour, but I am throwing his name out there)...I need to hear Prince Fielder rumors (OK, not a good example, but you get my drift).

I'll take some other young dudes on the DRays. The blue Jays are supposed to have a fire sale soon, Omar can surely scout some low-priced, high-return players. But we all know one thing from previous trading deadlines...Omar will not make a move simply to make a move. Not his mojo.

But I'll tell you what. The last thing the Mets need is more pitching. They have plenty of it. It's been strong. It's been good. Lastly, it's kept us contending. Because without that pitching, we'd be a LOT worse off than we have been.

Now wake up bats.
Pics all found on Yahoo! Rodney Dangerfield courtesy of the "No Respect" album, Shirley Temple from whatever movie, and Major League!!


debmc said...

Very well done, Ms. The Coop.... lol hee hee hee!

I think the sportswriters are in the right church, but the wrong pew. What we need is what just about everybody else needs; late innings reliable relief pitching. As we saw last night *sigh*, lol! But the main problem, of course, is Los Dos Car-LOS continuing offensive woes.

On FU this afternoon, my Carlos "Shirley" Beltran article will be published. Y'all come on over and take a look at how and why the "Shirleys" developed... hee hee hee! Hope to see ya there!

BookieD said...

I guess the old saying is that you can't have too much pitching. Still, if the Mets are going to part with valuable trading chips, there are more pressing needs in the offense and late inning relief. In catching up on your blog, I see that my Brian Roberts dreams have been discussed at length by Mr. Met and Sass. I was thinking the same thing about Alou being similar to a deadline pick-up at this point, so that may help, and you can say the same thing for getting Pedro back in August. The only thing is that i really believe (based on comments I've read from players in seasons past) that making any kind of deal at the Deadline is good for a contending club. Psychologically, it sends a message to the players that Management is committed to winning this season and is doing its part to "help the ballclub." In any case, it's going to come down to what we get out of Beltran in the next two months.

dykstraw said...

The only problem I have with your argument is that too often, Glavine totally sucks.

Sassdawg. said...

Hence my argument that we wait until next season to sign Zambrano to a 4 year deal.

Matt Himelfarb said...

It's highly unlikely Humber will be dominant. His strikeout rates in AAA this year haven't been as good as people expected. That along with the fact he's a health risk IMO makes him a number three.

Coop said...

Well Matty considering you helped me write a piece, justifying why Phil Humber should be on the staff and why he should be a solid #2 or #3...that's quite a change in philosophy from you!!!