Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Hot Stove 2007

Yahoo Sports had an interesting article on the upcoming class of free agents. While I know this is very premature, I am going to address the needs of the team through the blockbusters and through attrition. As it stands right now, the Mets stand to lose the following players to Free Agency

1)Paul Lo Duca
2)Ramon Castro
3)Jose "Yeaaaah" Valentin
4)Moises Alou
5)Shawn Green
6)Damion Easly

First off I think that the Mets would be well served to resign Paul Lo Duca to a 2 year contract, however, given that Pudge Rodriguez is a FA to be, that could be an excellent viable alternative. The rest of the Free Agency class should be let go.

Now for the gaps: The obvious: 2b, the Corner Outfielders, The Pen, and of all things the front end of the rotation.

Now for the filling: I feel it's inevitable, but I think that as the O's are going to be net sellers at the trading deadline and will not be dealing pitching, the Mets are going to move Milledge (who's playing his playa hatin heart out at the right time) and possibly Carlos Gomez for one of the best 2 hole hitting 2nd basemen in the game in Brian Roberts. The only reason I say they will be willing to part with him is because they have said that they are absolutely unwilling to part with any of their young pitching and given as how the Mets got them to take a bucket of balls in order to get John Maine, they would be smart not to trade pitching with us.

Now for the hot stovers:

2) Carlos Zambrano, SP, Chicago Cubs, 26: Should the Cubs continue to spit the bit and not lock down Zambrano with a long-term deal, he represents a true free-agent anomaly: The legitimate No. 1 starter (ahem, Mr. Zito) who hasn't even entered the prime of his career. Forget questions about his maturity and chew on this: In 58 innings since June 6, Zambrano has given up 28 hits. If the Cubs don't act soon, his price tag could almost double on the open market.

Projected contract: seven years, $140 million (and Cheap, let's face it, Glavine is not getting any younger any time soon, Peety might or might not be healthy, and Duque may or may not be 41, the rotation has moved towards being younger, and this move would help)

5) Adam Dunn, LF/1B, Cincinnati, 28: It's not going to happen, just wanted to point it out. I could strike this guy out with my 25 mph fastball

Projected contract: five years, $75 million

6) Kosuke Fukudome, RF, Chunichi Dragons (Japan), 29: While this is a slightly intriguing option, the Mets have never had luck signing players from Japan (ala Shinjosan and Matsuisan) Probably not happening.
Projected contract: three years, $27 million

11) Eric Byrnes, OF, Arizona, 31: An intriguing option, I have always liked that this guy's got guts. And he's also got a bulldog and as all of you know, I'm a sucker for a bulldog.

Projected contract: five years, $55 million

14) Eric Gagne, RP, Texas, 32: Eric Gagne could be an excellent option for late inning setup role work and as a backup for Wags considering that he's going to be 37 at the start of next season, Projected contract: three years, $35 million

Potential bargains

1) Kerry Wood, RP, Chicago Cubs, 30 (worth a shot, now that Soulglo is done reclaiming Oh Pea, it could be a good project for him)

4) Mike Lamb, UT, Houston, 32 (could be the new Easly)

Big contracts getting smaller

1) Jason Kendall, C, Oakland, 33: $13.43 million (might make a nice backup backstop)

4) Armando Benitez, RP, Florida, 35: $9.87 million (no thank you)

Players who should retire

1) Craig Biggio, 2B, Houston, 42

2) Jeff Conine, OF, Cincinnati, 41

3) Julio Franco, IF, free agent, 49 (you think)

4) Todd Jones, RP, Detroit, 39

5) Corey Koskie, 3B, Milwaukee, 34

6) Neifi Perez, IF, Detroit, 34 (Mr Meth himself)

7) Rudy Seanez, RP, Los Angeles Dodgers, 39

8) Mike Timlin, RP, Boston, 41

9) Jose Valentin, 2B, New York Mets, 38 (I don't think he's going to retire, but could make a good Julio Franco bench role player)

10) Bob Wickman, RP, Atlanta, 39

Other free agents worth watching

1) Paul Lo Duca, C, New York Mets, 34

2) Luis Castillo, 2B, Minnesota, 32

3) David Eckstein, SS, St. Louis, 33

4) Milton Bradley, OF, San Diego, 29

5) Bobby Kielty, OF, Oakland, 31

6) Kyle Lohse, SP, Cincinnati, 29

7) Carlos Silva, SP, Minnesota, 28

8) Omar Vizquel, SS, San Francisco, 40

9) Sean Casey, 1B, Detroit, 33

10) Joe Kennedy, P, Oakland, 28

11) Jeremy Affeldt, RP, Colorado, 28

12) Jorge Julio, RP, Colorado, 29

13) Russell Branyan, UT, San Diego, 32

14) Tony Clark, 1B, Arizona, 35

15) Byung-Hyun Kim, P, Florida, 29

16) Jason Michaels, OF, Cleveland, 31

17) Rodrigo Lopez, SP, Colorado, 32

18) Reggie Sanders, OF, Kansas City, 40

19) Mike Myers, RP, New York Yankees, 38

20) Damian Miller, C, Milwaukee, 38

21) Damion Easley, IF, New York Mets, 38

22) Josh Fogg, SP, Colorado, 31

23) Kip Wells, SP, St. Louis, 30

24) Trever Miller, RP, Houston, 34

25) John McDonald, IF, Toronto, 32


mr. met said...

No way the Orioles trade Brian Roberts. They love him and Angelos sees him as the face of the franchise. He's young...and the best 2b in the AL.

I'd take a flier on Affeldt and/or Wood in the off-season to see if they can stick in the pen, but would not go crazy trying to sign them.

Also, I'd bring Alou and his tasty $8 million option back. He's cheap and the Mets will have Gomez and Milledge. If he does down, no sweat. But he provides a nice insurance for the young guys even if he misses two months again. As long as he is healthy for the playoffs, he is worth the cash.

Sassdawg. said...

If the O's don't trade Roberts then they're going to unload Markakis, and he would fit well into long term plans for the team. I'd be seriously surprised if one of those guys is a Met before the end of the month.

Sassdawg. said...

OOPS, I meant to say that I'd be surprised if either of those guys wasn't a Met before the end of the month. Lets face it, I wouldn't want the Mets to trade David Wright or Jose Reyes but if we were in last place or close to it for the umpteenth time, I'd concede that it's time to do a little remodeling, they've publicly stated that they're not moving any pitching. The O's can have Green, Salary Money, Milledge, and hell, I'd throw them Pelfrey to get that deal done. Green won't be any more embarrassing than whatever they're putting out there now and he's gone next year so they get a draft pick, Milledge is such a youngster that he can be a serious building block and Pelfrey would do well under Leo's tutelage, (even though we said the same about Soulglo). It's not a bad trade.

mr. met said...

I'd love either, but the Mets already have a ton of outfielders and word is Angelos believes in Roberts is the face of the franchise.

I'm with you though...if you checked out my post today you'd see I agree with teams like the Orioles making some unpopular trades. To give up Roberts to get back two possibly very good big league pieces would be a good thing in all probability. It all stems back from GMs being afraid to make a deal or in Baltimore's case, the owner not allowing teams to make trades.