Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Happy RECoop! First Half 2007

So I decided in an effort of solidarity that I would hold off on doing the monthly RECoop until All-Star Break.

Since, you know, there really wasn't anything to be really happy about in the month of June. I figured that July had to be a tad better.

Well, no, it wasn't.

It just seemed like we couldn't stop the bleeding no matter what. And we didn't get Danny Haren in a trade (now it doesn't seem like he'll be going anywhere thank you very much), so of course I'm a little disillusioned.

But being the optimist I am (yeah, right), I am going to try to look at the glass of being half-full. Because somebody has to.

Ricky Ledee has been DFA'd (no link but know it to be true), in a surprising move to leave room for...Sandy Alomar Jr? Well, this leads most of us to believe Stings the Blade Runner Milledge will be activated for Thursday night's game.

Can I get a praise jeebus? I am just down for some new blood. And preferably, new blood we didn't have to sacrifice anything for!!!

John Maine will be a starting pitcher for the Mets. OK, that hasn't changed but man, oh man, has he been a pleasant surprise or what?

He will be joined by MSF fave, Oh Pea. Again, I get a praise jeebus.

But here's another thing, something most of haven't really fully sunk in...is that some guy named Pedro will be joining us prior to the anticipated hot pennant race in September.

This could be the difference maker, oh faithful readers. One in which we do not part with any prospects or current players. As we talked about on Flushing University yesterday, Pedro has the infectious enthusiasm of a rookie and the knowledge and master of being a veteran. This very well could have been what we were "missing" as far as swagger, moxie and just abject brazeness. Pedro will be a welcome relief.

And Moises Alou could be returning by July end. I won't hold my breath though. But I truly believe his injuries ~ along with not having Pedro around ~ really did give way to some sort of monumentale collaps-ee (As Denis Leary would say).

Other things to consider -- Carlos Delgado decided to wake up in the first half of July. Carlos Beltran still has his moxie -- with his fabulous catch and home run against the Astros last Saturday night. David Wright will aw-shucks his way to more sponsorship and 100 RBIs. Jose Reyes will still be our difference maker (and apparently, the ASB's difference maker too at this point).

And folks, if you are not optimistic yet, here's one more thing to consider as we look at our half-full glasses...

In case I haven't mentioned it yet...The Mets are still in first place as of Tuesday, July 10. Leading two games over the hated Braves and 4.5 over the third-place Phils.

Repeat after me -- still in first because...as shitty as they played, all the drama, all the ejections and flung equipment, all the horse shit, all the Big Pussy Posse nominees, all the ugly losses, all the games that were lost by Just Forfeit, Big Pussy himself or Willie's stupidity...

We were never dethroned.

And that my friends, is truly beautiful. This will be a great year after all.

So here's Coop signing off for the first half of 2007...to return after the second half has resumed. And looking forward to seeing the Mets shellacking their competition. Heck, I need something to look forward to now. Dagnabbit, I know I aint lookin' back. Hopefully the Metties won't either.

Onto the second half!

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amen and hallelujah.