Sunday, July 15, 2007

Ever-Lastings Love

**Note from The Coop, I think I may have ripped this title off from somewhere, but it's all in good fun. Please take credit for it, and I will give it to you! Thanks**

OK, for all your Lastings Milledge nay-sayers, can we please get some mad love for The Blade Runner Stings, please?

My boy figured in prominently in every single game this series against the Reds. From a magnificent slide into home for the go-ahead run, to a home run that still hasn't landed, to a go-ahead RBI in the 298th win of Glavine's career, and ANOTHER 2-RBI double today, we are asking not only "Carlos Gomez who?" but not even dreaming that Moises Alou will return this season. If he does, all the more better...we can bench Shawn Green. Hell yeah bitches!!

And save an interview where he mentioned "I" and "me" instead of "team" and "we," he seems to have changed and matured a lot. Not sure which game it was, but I believe Jose Reyes was teaching his buddy "Lasto" a new hand jive for a home run. Sweet.

Say what you want -- a bad rap song, "Know your place, rook," or high-five gate...Lastings is the real deal. I think we can give him our new "difference maker"a pass after this weekend.

He may just be the swift kick in the nuts this team needed. And to think we didn't need to trade anyone for him!


Another thing to point out, (which I may touch upon in my Flushing University column for this week) is Ruben Gotay. Yowza, was this another Omar coup or what? I think most of the people I know understand I was very BIG on the idea of Keppinger coming up to the be the starting 2B last year, especially when it appeared Andy Hernandez was way overmatched in the majors, plus Jose Valentin was just the punch line to a seemingly bad joke. But when Hip-Hip-Jose started to shine at 2B, Kepp became "not part of the mix" (Willie's words, not mine).

Now with Jose's injury, we've been blessed with the emergence of Ruben "Lets" Go-tay (credit to Dykstraw for the nickname). My buddy Mike over at The Metropolitans has a posting relating an Adam Rubin interview about Willie's loyalty to Jose Valentin. (And very good insight Mikeee). Even if Jose sucked ass at the beginning of the season (and he was putting up some decent numbers so we can technically give him a pass), but Ruben Gotay a starter on Willie's watch whether a somewhat decent Jose Valentin was healthy? Puh-leeze. This is the same guy who called Stings out on the slide the other night for taking a "risk."

Heaven forbid we shake things up around here Willie. As your buddy Joe Torre over in the Bronx has admitted, things don't just work out on their own (well, actually I said that...Torre said something to the effect that this year is tough. Considering they just went one game over .500 playing the D-Rays today...I think that says it all).

So I am happy that Omar seems to have some sack left. Things don't work out on their own, so if it means I have to deal with Rickey being Rickey, or Stings bringing some much-needed swagger to the ethos of the what you gotta do Omar. And tell Willie to stick it! (Just kidding).


Off to San Diego! But before we get on that plane, I would like to point out one thing...

Oh Pea won today!! Whoda thought at the beginning of the season, Pea and Maine would be the showstoppers? NICE. Pleasant surprises are always just pleasant.


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MetsGrrl said...

I think I can understand why Willie would feel obligated to Valentin. Second base was a train wreck last year and then we went to Milwaukee and as much as that run was up and down for us, I will remember that weekend as the time that Jose Valentin and Paul Lo Duca stepped up. Lo Duca we expected, but Valentin? I remember getting a text from TBF saying, "Where is Jose Valentin and what have you done with him?" And even earlier this year - Mets Weekly did their half-season recap this weekend, and they showed some of the plays from the ST. Louis opener games, and - DAMN, you know?

And I think loyalty is an underrated quality. And I admire it, but I think it is misplaced and/or misguided, such as in the case of JULIO FRANCO, where loyalty cost us games. There, I'll say it.