Thursday, July 12, 2007

Change...Is Good

I know, The Coop is a little late to the party with the news, but I have some commentary on it that you're going to hear whether you like it or deal!!

Just kidding. I won't even touch the game tonight since I didn't watch a lick of it, but I know they won, so that's good. Very positive start to the second half. And goes in line with my idea of setting the tone.

But in case you're living on Mars or something, here's the deal with the Mets as of today.
  • Rick Down - #1 on the Coop's shitlist for quite some time - is finito. (Lo and behold, he seemed surprised at the move. Um, no surprise to this ordinary fan, who thought it should have happened LOOONG ago)
  • Rickey Henderson was named as a new Mets coach. Rickey says this is a good thing (any insight as to where he figured in tonight? Is he the 1st base coach now?).
  • HoJo is apparently the new hitting coach. Or at least according to this article it's tentative till they figure out the logistics. Rickey says he likes HoJo.
  • Julio Franco? GONE!!! People get ready...ummm....Julio Franco is DFA'd. Or something.
  • Marlon Anderson? Signed, sealed and delivered to minors. Hope to see you soon, buddy!
  • Oh and Coop's bright star, Lastings Milledge, was recalled. Can I get a Boo-yah? And apparently runs his ass off to score the winning run?? Go Team and Go Stings!!!

One thing that keeps getting reiterated in business today is that the only constant is change. Change is good. Imagine if things always stayed the same. How boring would life be! Not to mention any competitive advantage is lost if you don't stay ahead of the trends or at the very least current.

This is my way of thinking for the Mets right now. Remember back in 1999, Bobby Valentine was "forced" to fire his coaching staff (or aptly demote them) by order of Steve Phillips. I have been calling for Willie (or Omar) to do something along those lines to shake things up in Mets land. I didn't think he'd have the balls to do it. I mean, obviously, Willie is a Big Pussy Posse member, and Omar...well Omar is loyal to a fault (especially with his loyalty to Julio Franco, whose demotion surprised the hell out of me, personally). But the demotions in 1999 set the tone for the rest of the season and I think these strong changes are saying -- the Mets mean business. Look out!!

And according to a poll on Flushing University (my family away from My Summer Family), we were asked as Mets fans, are we happy? 80% of the respondents proclaimed the Mets needed a shake-up. I was one of those. So in this case, along with the win tonight, leads to change being potentially good.

And hopefully, Lastings will start tomorrow night. Since I will be in attendance with SassDawg (drop by Section 14 if you are around).

So with goodwill and thanksgiving, I leave you with this thought...




BookieD said...

I agree that change is good, though the local media, apparently does not. Whatever. I don't think it really matters who the hitting coach is, as long as everyone is happy. Based on what I've read, the players may be a little happier, but Ricky may be a little sadder.

I'm happy they won last night, but even in victory, there appeared to be more of the same--can't hold an early lead, lack of clutch hitting, mistakes that run you out of an inning (Reyes getting picked off first in the bottom of the 2nd with men on 1st & 3rd and 2 outs), and only 3 lousy runs. Granted, their numbers against Arroyo haven't been great, but still...

I LOVE seeing 'Stings back in the lineup. He is so much fun to watch, and fits right in with the team's plan to be quick, athletic and put pressure on the defense. I REALLY want to invest in the #44 jersey, but I think I'll at least wait out the 7/31 deadline before I do...

debmc said...

Cooo-peeee!!!!!! lol

I think the Mets are moving in the right direction, but as long as The Two Carloses (sounds like a circus act... uh, wait.... lol) continue not to hit in the clutch, or at any other time, basically (lol), the Mets are going to have problems scoring runs and mounting any significant offense.

And hey, I have to say, Milledge has impressed thus far. Although his ba doesn't reflect it, he's kept his nose clean thus far, has cleaned up his appearance and style, and has seemed to all of a sudden have matured by anyone's standards. And he's had a big hand in two of the Mets' recent wins, so boooo yah!


Hee hee hee!

Go, Lastings!