Saturday, July 21, 2007

Be Careful What You Wish For

Yup, The Coop is late to the game in acknowledging this but this is the first time I've been able to sit at my computer for a consecutive 15 minutes all weekend --

After mucho bitching about the second base state-of-affairs on the Mets -- Jose Valentin breaks his leg and is potentially out for the season (and presumably finished as a Met).

Although I was totally against The Man, The Myth and The Stache last season and even his extension this season, Yeeeeeeeaaaaaaah grew on me. Jose, it was nice knowing you. And thank you for endless hours of entertainment at your expense.

But the good forces Willie's hand in playing Gotay on a regular basis. And to put his trust in the younger guys for once.

But I guess the real issue of the weekend was -- how was the injury to Jose Valentin going to effect the team dynamic? We know and see that the Mets of '07 are completely different than '06, and that's besides being one year older.

Besides Victor Zambrano who (thankfully) was injured early in the season, and the loss of Pedro prior to the playoff run and Duque in the postseason, the injury bug (knock wood) didn't hit the Mets too much in '06. Which could have contributed to the amazing 2006 regular season run.

This year, I'm sure we all agree it's MUCH different. Moises Alou goes down. Duque goes on the DL. The BLBB (Endy Chavez, also known as Best Little Bastard in Baseball, courtesy of our friends at BMF) injures himself. Sosa AND Oh Pea take a little "health break" prior to the All-Star break. We see how the Moises Alou break down hit the Mets where it hurt the most -- the offense.

On the other hand, we've been able to truly see how formidable the Mets pitching staff is.

But when the Mets lost on Saturday behind Sosa who's normally very strong -- but granted against first half stalwart and second-half enigma Brad Penny -- I couldn't help but think about what Mama used to say.

Be careful what you wish for, because it just might come true.

Would the loss of Jose Valentin be the straw the broke the proverbial camel back?

After today, I would say NO, Kyle! NO! You go to hell Kyle!! You go to hell and you die!!!

I mean, how many serieses have the Mets actually won since like June 1? Nuff said. Especially getting swept out of LA the last time around, this turned out to be a feel-good series (well, except for Tom Glavine's showing on Thursday, but I digress).

Chip Ambres comes up huge (Hey Willie did you see that? A YOUNG GUY DROVE IN ANOTHER YOUNG GUY!!!!). And the Mets are the heartbreakers for another team for once and not the heartbreak-ees. Of course, it seems Gotay was a non-factor, striking out three times but my boy Stings drives in 1 run...NICE! I'll be looking forward to seeing my boy with another Stings devotee on Tuesday.

So I guess the idea here is -- Jose Valentin, as unfortunate as his injury is and the fact this could be the thing that causes him to retire...The Mets could afford to part ways with him. I can deal. I think.

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