Sunday, June 17, 2007

Where's Mark Messier When You Need Him?

It was the year 1994, and Mark Messier came out and almost dared the NJ Devils to actually man-up and win a important game, as the NY Rangers were one game away from elimination in the Eastern Conference finals.

"We'll win tonight," the back pages of the NY sports rags claimed -- although the words came out of the Messiah's mouth, and was not just filler.

Lo and behold, Mess scores a hat trick and the Rangers go on to one more game.

We all know what happened later (well, if you are no hockey fan, short story long is that the Rangers ulimately went on to the Stanley Cup finals, beat the Vancouver Canucks and won a championship for the first time in 54 years).

We need a Messiah, or a Messier or someone who will get the butts in gear...

I would have thought it to be Delgado. Definitely not Beltran (re-read BPP's Award Nominees)...maybe Glavine, but unfortunately he could not back it up.

I'm thinking -- it's got to be Duque. Which is fortunate, since he is pitching tonight.

Or me - and I am saying...we WILL win tonight. It's a certainty.

I won't be watching - I will be here -- but I will be sure to drop in a bar on my walk home...slightly humming Hungry like the Wolf...but hoping the Mets are hungrier.


Mike said...

Los Dos Carlos are simply killing us.

Ed in Westchester said...

You lost me with Messier.
Sorry, lifelong Isles fan here.

Coop said...

Sorry ed - I lost it too, since my prediction didn't come out anyway. Good win last night though!

debnc said...

Coop, I could not agree more. And the fact that no one seems to be stepping up is a sign of more serious trouble, imo.

I'd have expected LoDo or Franco to really step up and challenge the team, but I don't see or feel that is happening.

They all look to me as if they're plugged into their own particular brand of misery, and far too deep into it to care about anyone else's.