Saturday, June 02, 2007

Webb Brings It

So I've been involved in some discussions on who "true" pitching aces are. For example, when Pedro is 100%, or even 90%, he's a bona fide ace. Barry Zito, however, is not. Yet he gets paid like one.

I would venture to say that the only true aces out there (meaning, guys I would expend a Lastings Milledge for) are Santana, Halladay, Oswalt, Schilling used to be, maybe Beckett is back to his form now...Dontrelle Willis on his best day would be there, but he's lost a bit of his la-da-da over the years (maybe it's playing in Miami...). Heck, I wouldn't even pay what Dice-K what he's commanding. Carlos Zambrano is another story...but I aint touching it. I certainly believe he will be paid like an ace...but he is not one.

But Brandon Webb...watching him last night just give up two hits to Jose Reyes (and had they been hit by anyone else, we might have been looking at potential disaster in last night's game)...I realized something. THIS is a guy I would give up Lastings Milledge for...or a Gomez-type. Webb absolutely has his game face on.

Too bad, because John Maine, save one bad pitch, was pitching his ass off. Glad he's on our side!

And man, what is up with our outfield? Lastings Milledge is so much better than the crap we are throwing out there with Beltran out day-to-day. Of course, he's injured. Sorry Blondies Jake!!

I'll be at the game today. Stop by Mezzanine Section 14 and yell COOOOOOOOP! I'll be sure to respond.


Peter N said...

I didn't watch the game....I was busy watching Tim Wakefield get pulverised! I hope I spelled that right. Have fun, and a great weekend too. Peter..

Peter N said...

And "Petey Prime" was a joy to watch.....he'll be back...I just know it!

benny said...

Coop Milledge may be better than the crap we have out there but Milledge is a cocky punk who has image problems. He likes rap music, is featured in one of the tracks he produced and quite frankly, that is unnacceptable.
That and the fact he's injured, its unfortunate he is too...

Coop said...

C'mon Benny...I thought you knew better than what the media fed to you about Stings! I like Stings, and he may be a "punk" in some respects but he rocks and puts a little of that old fashioned sabor to the team. His teammates seem to like him, I think that it doesn't matter what we think.

Ed in Westchester said...

I don't care about L Millz raps.
I care that he can play.
They guy has never hurt anyone physically, besides possibly their ears from listening to his rapping.

I said it when it happened, if the rap came out earlier this year (pre-Imus), no one would have cared about the language.
It is a non-story.