Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Ugly. Pitiful. Disgusting. A Disgrace.

And that's just being kind.

I was at this debacle tonight, sitting in the Picnic Area. There was some obnoxious Yankee fan, wearing his team colors, with the name "RedSoxHater" on it...rooting FOR the Twins.

Umm, does anyone see anything wrong with that?

I could almost justify getting shut out by Johan Santana. I mean, if there's any guy you're gonna lose to and be OK with it, it's him.

Four errors? That's just horrifying.

I am going to the game tomorrow night with an FU constituent. Don't know why though. Oh I know - Oh Pea is going tomorrow. YAY!!!

For S's and G's, visit Flushing University today for my "where are they now?" piece. Interesting tidbit that I was able to use at the game today: Jason Tyner's middle name is "Renyt."

And Tyner spelled backwards is...


Sassdawg. said...

Dare I blaspheme, but I think that an Orioles fire sale might become a reality. My personal opinion, but I think that Brian Robers would make a great Met.

GaryG said...

SD, I'd take Roberts in a second. I can't believe the O's would get rid of him though. I mean, who doesn't like this guy and why would they get rid of him?

Sassdawg. said...

I just think that he would be available for the right price, which by my guestimation would be Lastings and Aaron Heilman, and maybe a scrub or two. Let's face it, the O's have problems. The Mets would love a second baseman, he's more of a prototypical 2 hole hitter than Paulie LoDuca, and he just seems as though he would be a great fit for the team. Be perfectly honest, it wouldn't surprise me if people in the Orioles organization weren't demanding a trade.

Zoe said...

We need your OP to turn up the fire!! Thanks for the seats, kid, and the pic's up!!

I smell an away game with you and a beer and me and something fruity :)

mr. met said...

The buzz is Roberts is to the Baltimore fan base that Ichiro is to Seattle's fanbase. Though teams like this should be well advised to gut and start over, they view him as a building block and they certainly have the cash to keep him around should he want to play in Baltimore for while. Also, they still have SOME workable pieces so a complete gut job seems unlikely.

I doubt he moves anywhere.