Sunday, June 24, 2007

SWEEP - It cures what ails ya

Just don't ask me what happened...Let's just put it this way -- this was a "lost weekend." For me, though, not for the Mets.

All I saw of any game this weekend was DW's walk-off (which is still amazing to watch -- check out the video link, the best I could find non-You Tube) when I was at a bar.

And just like that ~ poof ~ it's gone.

All the bad will we've felt, all the name calling (OK, that was all me)...goes as Kaiser Soze goes.

Now, I can't get *too* far ahead of myself. But it sure was promising.

Now onto the Cards...

Oh and before you get all - the other part I saw (vital) was Paul LoDuca's ejection. Before you go and ask -- where's the props to PLD? Well, I've actually officially disassociated him from the BPP.

For those who didn't see the ejection - check out Metsgrrl's thoughts on it. She basically says what I think and I 100% agree with it.
Photo Credit to Yahoo Images and Mz. Carol Burnett.


Matt Himelfarb said...

C'mon Coop. While I believe Lo Duca is overrated anyways, you really think we should be congratulating him on this? It's not as though he hurt the Mets, but throwing equipment on the field is where it crosses the line.

And I don't buy into the fact that this is what won the game for the Mets last night, or what will turn the tide for them in the future. The mets won the game last night because Travis Buck had no friggin business diving for a ball he shouldn't have been diving for. (although, an old saber rule is you don't point to one particular moment in the game, but you get my point!)

All in good fun of course.

Coop said...

Hey Matt - no, I don't think the Mets won particularly because of LoDuca's tantrum. But can it get the team riled up and the proverbial head out of their ass? yes, I believe that and Metsgrrl said it best. Could they go on a tear? Yes, probably. You see, I know you have a tough time comprehending but I am a very old skool fan. I am used to bench clearing brawls, talking smack and other old fashioned ways of psyching out the opponent. If Paul LoDuca throwing a tantrum because an umpire is an idiot gets the team riled up, I am all for it. That is all.

GaryG said...

And I don't care whether or not this has impact. I'm a results guy, and the results from the weekend show sweep.

debmc said...

Hey, Coopie!

I gotta agree somewhat with Matt here. I didn't like the throwing of the equipment on the field, I thought that went too far, and frankly, I thought the timing of LoDo's profanity filled semi-nuts tirade was a little off. It was a nothing-nothing game, and we certainly weren't going to get any favors from the home plate umpire after that, so imo, LoDo didn't do the team any huge favor. LOL

But otoh, it was nice to see somebody get that emotionally riled up about a game.

I still am not clear on what really set him off. Does anyone know?

And how about those eyes of his at one point, huh? He looked like Lucifer himself. Scary shit! hee hee hee

Coop said...

My understanding is that there were not one but TWO called strikes that the one could have been - OK maybe it was a strike but the second one set him off as it nearly grazed him in the thigh -- impossible to hit but also WAY inside, totally inconsistent with this dude's calls all night.

I know what you mean about PLD not doing them any favors in a nothing-nothing game, especially with now an umpire on our sh*t list (I also thought it was weird that ramon got up to finish his at-bat...I was watching it sort of on the side at a restaurant and I just assumed PLD had argued a called third strike or something).

But you guys know me - I am old skool. Nothing like a good tossing to get me riled up as a fan. That was the type of emotion we've needed to see over the past few weeks.

BookieD said...

What's up, Coop? Well, PLD's tirade did get him ejected, which got Castro into the game to deliver the double in the 9th and and score the game-winning run, so I guess there was some effect. That being said, I would be a hyporcrite to laud Paulie for this. Back in the 90's, I used to regularly deride Paul O'Neil's dugout tantrums, which Yankee fans used to point to as evidence that Paulie "cares" and is an "emotional leader". The whole thing is silly, and may result in a suspension, which is certainly not helpful. But hey, if we (or more importantly the Team) wants to point to Captain Red-Ass's fireworks as the impetus for a great run, that works for me. To quote the great Crash Davis,

"If you believe you're playing well because you're getting laid, or because you're not getting laid, or because you wear women's underwear, then you ARE! And you should know that!"

BTW, I'm Showing Up at Shea for Wednesday night's game vs. the Cards. Maybe Tom can nail down number 297.

Toasty Joe said...

Someone get this for Coop's birfday.

Coop said...

OMG Toasty!! Where on earth did you find this???? I have to have it!!

Are any of you guys heading over to Blondies Friday night for our season "do-over?" BMF is the host with the most

BookieD said...

What is the Season "do-over"?

Toasty, that shirt is hysterical. I'd buy one. That's almost as cool as "Vote for Pedro".

Coop said...

Books, a season "do-over" is to recreate the hope and the atmosphere that Opening Night had at Blondies. VOILA! Do-over -- looks like we're headed that way anyway.