Tuesday, June 12, 2007

The Slide

This slide simply cannot, repeat, CANNOT go on forever.

I didn't stay up to watch the game and I guess it was with good reason there, eh?

And once again it seems like the bats didn't show up and the pitching was pretty decent.

I can't even begin to think what is going on with the team. First, did Green bat SECOND last night? It's his first freaking game back from an injury and you want him behind Jose? I just don't see the logic there.

I think what is most disturbing just looking at the box score is that...we had 9 hits to the Dodgers' 8...and only scored three measly runs?

Further our lead is down to 2...repeat...TWO GAMES.

I'm going to get sick if we don't start kicking some Dodger butt.

And if we go into the Yankees series on this skid.

Lastly...Carlos Delgado needs to go. I know, that's a bit drastic. But he is absolutely killing the team with his whopping .228 average. Where's Mike Carp when you need him?

I guess there's one positive to glean. The bullpen ~ which included Just Forfeit, Magik Man and Pedro Dos ~ didn't give up unnecessary runs. Well wonders never cease...

EDITED TO ADD: Check out my piece on Flushing University today - called Phreedom Phighters. Three guesses on what it's about...


mr. met said...

I hope Delgado understands why Omar wouldn't extend him in the off-season. You don't extend 35+ year olds with two years left on their contract. Why would you?

I'm not sure he's done, but it has gone beyond a slump at this point and he just looks really bad and has really bad at-bats. I'm at a loss for what is going on with him.

Coop said...

We can't afford to hold Delgado's hand anymore. What kills me is not so much that he is such a great player...but that he's so SMART at it. Why he hasn't figured it out by now is beyond me.

mr. met said...

What's even worse is that he is such a great player, but cannot go the opposite way.

GaryG said...

Coop, Green was batting 2nd, cos Willie wanted to get him as many AB's as possible for first game back. Believe me, batting Green 2nd is not why we lost. I don't expect him there again.

Clearly, this anemic lineup is not capable of playing long ball, so we gotta try playing small ball. Move Carlos B. up to the 2 hole, move DW to #3... Gotta try something different.... and fast.

Coop said...

Gary, thanks for visiting - I was a little shocked to say the least. But maybe they need to do something more the "same" -- like having PLD back in the two-hole, but I still don't like Delgado hitting clean up.

debmc said...

Delgado is a BP, right up their with Aaron "I Wanna Be A Starter - Wah" Heilman, and Carlos "I Playing Hurt All The Time And Nobody Cares" Beltran and Paul "Let's Not Get Swept, Guys!" Lo Duca.


all of 'em! LOL