Friday, June 08, 2007

Pat *Bleeping* Burrell

I think I have decided something today. That the Phillies, and no longer the Braves, are enemy #1. To me, it makes a lot more sense. The Braves rivalry in my view has always been a one-sided thing. Meaning, we cared way too much about a Braves series, and their fans could really care less. And although it's an east division rivalry, it's too far to get any hecklers down to Atlanta anyway. (Because everyone is so nice down there, there are no hecklers up here for the Braves)

But with the Phils being so close...and train ride or quick drive makes tons more sense to hate the Phillies even more.

Being swept in our house is one thing, but the first two games I can almost give the team a pass due to injuries, bad luck, and lack o' offense.

But a Pat Burrell home run to tie the game in the 9th is almost more than I can bear.

Believe it or not, in a Cole Hamels / John Maine match up, I like our chances just as well. Why? Because John Maine unlike certain ~ ahem ~ *Just Forfeit* ~ ahem ~ other pitchers ~ ahem ~*Big Pussy* ~ ahem ~ knows how to bring "it."

And I certainly liked our chances with Wagner closing out the game. Dude has been balls on all season. I can't throw Wagner completely under the bus though -- not entirely. Dude can bring "it" but it's been a matter of time before he blew a tailor made save and of course, it had to be last night.

In a series sweep. When it meant 4 losses in a row. Ugh.

I guess some positives to glean were that there was a back-to-back-to-back home run situation there. Off Cole Hamels. To get the lead. That was pretty sweet.

But another thing to glean is - can Scott "Just Forfeit" Schoeneweis please be cut already? Just cut our losses with him. He's got no business on this team. NONE.


Now it's on to Detroit for some good ol' fashioned interleague play.

Which begs the question - why on earth are we playing Detroit when the Yankees get to play the likes of the Pirates???

Well tonight it's battle of the scrubs with Sosa vs Durbin. (Has anyone heard of this dude?).

Saturdays match up is what I would like to deem the Coop Special. Bonderman vs. Oh Pea. It makes me feel kinda funny, like when we used to climb the rope in gym class.

Next week - Dodgers and Yanks. Why, God, why?


Mike said...

Every season has its rough stretches, Coop.

This appears to be it.

Peter N said...

I LOVE your enthusiasm....I feel the same way sometimes. Actually, MOST of the time. A little nutty? It's all in the game. Have a great weekend.

BookieD said...

Can't kill Billy, though he does have a knack for finding *annoying* times to blow saves. I say "annoying", because he's not Benitez who cracks under the pressure of huge spots, but the ones Billy blows (like last night and last year's 4-run lead against the Yankees following Pedro's gem), while not season-altering, were games you just don't want to lose.

debmc said...

I can't kill Billy, either.

But I CAN kill Sc Sc.... !!!!!!

Now while I generally reserve prayer for the really, really important things in life, out of respect, and all that, this time I'm making an exception.

PLEASE, GOD, RID US OF SC SC!!!!! *she says while clutching her rosary beads reverently and desperately, looking up to The Great One, lol*

And while we're at it, God, could you please help us out with all these injuries? Is there a leg god up there, and if so, could He please take a look at this situation?

Thank you.

Humbly yours,
Your faithful servant,

BookieD said...

I belive the Show is a Member of My Tibe, so perhaps I'd better do some prayin' as well....

Baruch Atah Adonai, Elohanu, Elohay Avu Tanu, Oh God, and God of our Fathers, please give Omar Minaya the courage and foresight to send the Show far, far away from your Loyal Servants from Queens, and while you're at it, please perform Mitsvot on your son Shawn Green's ailing foot and David Newhan's ailing bat. Thank you. Amen.

Coop said...

Bookie wins commenter of the year. FABULOUS!!!!

SNK said...

Coop - at least we can feel better about not anointing Rollins a Met-killer just yet...I mean clearly Pat the Bat wins in that category. Guy hasnt had a big hit against another team in years, but he sure does own the Mets.

Bad series, but as much as I wish the Phils were our rivals, they are not yet. Until they actually compete with us for a division title, the Braves are still the #1 rivals. Perhaps this year is the year, but with that bullpen (yes, it really is bad), I just dont think so. The team is too streaky.

Today's a new day, new series - go Mets!

Sassdawg. said...

Here comes the Dawg. ready to interject a bit o'color into why I think that the Mets have sucked ass over the past couple of days, and while the outfield being banged up does aid the problem. I am going to say that I think that the suckiness is coming from 2 places Jose Jose Jose having gone 3 for 10 and Carlos Beltran having gone 1 for 14 over the sweep. Granted the 1 of Carlos Beltran's hits was a homer, but Dare I say the two most important pieces of the team have caught a bit of Rick Down Syndrome? All's I have to say about the current funk, Jose and Beltran both hitting, the Mets are winning games, neither one are hitting and lordy lordy, the Mets are smelling up the place worse than the people who bathe in flushing bay.

I have said my 2 cents, I feel better now.

Met Fan Since '75 said...

I'm with you, Coop - can't kill Wagner. I believe the pitch before the bomb was 97 mph. When he signed with the Mets, he was asked if pitching in a bigger ballpark would decrease the number of homeruns he allows. His response, "No, the ones I give up are never cheap.". Case in point...

Didn't expect him to run the 2007 table anyway...

Sassdawg. said...


Where you watching the game today? I'm down for OTW.

Coop said...

Dude, I'm going to ESPNZone with the gals.

Coop said...

Dawg, I'm leaving around 3 to get there. Oh PEEEEEAAA