Saturday, June 02, 2007

Oh, the Barrel Maker and the Baker and the People on the Streets...Where Do They Go?

To Meet the Mets!!

So I redeem myself. I wasn't going to go to the game on Friday night, but at the last minute my original plans fell through and SassDawg had an extra ticket...Thought...Webb vs Maine? I'd be stupid NOT to go. Of course, it was a waste of five hours of my life (except for hanging with the Dawg. That's always fun). But I guess my worst day at the ballpark is better than my best day at home, so it's a draw.

But today's game...Redemption at last. My friend The Baker (loyal reader and blog "lurker") and I went to the stadium early, got ourselves a free cap and were half way to victory.

But how apt...I went to a game with a Baker...AND freaking baked in the sun all day. (I can't think of anything witty to say about the Barrel Maker part, so I'll just leave it at that). I guess that's a drawback of season tickets...seats in the sun (Oh, woe is The Coop). Next time, remember the sunscreen. The two beers made me forget the heat though. Sort of.

Anyway back to the game. Carlos Beltran is still out of the lineup (but is back soon hopefully)but Dave was back...Carlos Delgado once again wakes up bats...I was certainly happy to bash Livan since he seems to own us every now and then...

But the big story here is Ruben "Do not call me Loo-ban" Gotay.

Is Gotay the next Omar coup? It certainly seems it -- I was kinda ho-hum about the trade with Keppinger, since it didn't appear to be Omar's best move (I have to learn to not doubt so much)...It seemed like nothin for nothin. I guess the issue is...there comes a time when one is no longer a "prospect" but a AAAA player. Gotay has promise.

But I certainly am looking forward to Jose Valentin returning. We can take our meeting to the Ground Round for a pitcher and some buffalo bites.

Oh by the way...just throwing something out there. There is going to be an SNY viewing party on the 29th in Queens, not sure where yet, but of course Cow-Bell Man is the man about town and told me all about it Friday evening. I'd be down for going, even though I am going to Philly the next day with Mr. E (aka Dad of Coop) for the Mets / Phils game.

Some sites have *their* outings...let's have a My Summer Family outing!!

Maybe back tomorrow, maybe not. Later.


MG said...

butcher. "oh, the butcher and the baker and the people on the streets. where do they go? to meet the mets!"

trust me on this. tbf is angered, continually, that the second verse is never used.

and we are in philly that weekend too, both games.

Coop said...

MG, oh I know that the second verse is butcher and the baker...I was making a play on a last name of certain someone's literal association (think about it...)

In fact, Sassdawg and I were singing it the other day and we couldn't remember one line...maybe you or TBF can help?
"Oh the butcher and the baker and the people on the streets...where do they go? To meet the Mets!
Oh they're laughing and they're cheering and they're jumping off their seats. Where do they go? To meet the mets! Oh the fans are true to the orange and blue...#blah blah blah blah blah# Give em a hand! *doo doo doo* Give em a shout! *doo doo doo*...come on and meet the Mets..."

I think you'll be proud :D

I'll be at Saturday's game in Philly...which games will you be? sat and sun? We'll meet up.