Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Jimmy *Bleeping* Rollins

So I sat down with a gal pal of mine tonight to drink some beer, eat some greasy bar food and watch the game. And of course we were a little giddy not only because of the drink specials but because the Mets were up 2-nuthin on a team that looked like the life was beat out of.

Enter Aaron "Big Pussy" Heilman.

First off everyone, i apologize for any negative thoughts I may have had about Mr. Pussy. I have been trying to incorporate more positive thoughts towards the Mets because I have learned the like attracts like. Unfortunately though I think it only works when Pussy thinks more of himself.

I can rationalize this, I really can. After all, the Braves lost too and to me - the Phils may be OK at best, but I can totally see them playing the part of spoiler this season.

But giving up a 3-run go-ahead homer to Jimmy F'ing Rollins? It's almost too much for me to bear.

Well, at least I had some damn good fish and chips out of the deal.

With Cole Hamel-toe going tomorrow...those fish and chips aren't sitting too well right now.

And let's say a prayer to the baseball gods for Endy Chavez. Since I was in a bar, I didn't get to hear the news but I saw what happened. Can anyone provide news on him?


BookieD said...

That loss was so bad that my daughter couldn't sleep the rest of the night. I thought I was in a time warp, reliving Tuesday night--good starting pitching, 2-run lead that should have been more, but he offense failed to convert, reliever blows the lead, Mets squander opportunities in the late innings and go quietly in the last inning. It's probably just a "rough patch", but it is irritating that the Phillies now have some life in 'em (and a good shot at a series sweep with Cole "Why Can't Our Pitching Prospects Pan out Like That Guy" Hamels going tonight).

BTW, it's interesting how the Mets fortunes are mirroring the Red Sox right now--each team was gangbusters through June, has a nice division lead (though 9 games is better than 3.5), failed to knock out a rival who is starting to play with life, and each time now finds itself in a funk. Fortunately, because the Red Sox are dealing with the Yankees, nobody is paying attention to our mini-slump.

Endy is being evaluated today with what they're calling a hamstring "strain". Based on the way he was acting, and the way he described the pain, it sounds like a pull/tear to me. On the bright side, I can now bust my authentic Mets Ricky Ledee jersey out of mothballs! Whoooo!

mr. met said...

Coop-a-loop...The Mets, Braves, and Phillies are 5-5 in their last ten. Though the Mets are on the downturn of momentum and the Phils are on a upswing, the bigger picture must be looked at and they are in no different of a place than they were ten gaames ago.

Plus, they have a 3.5 game lead on the Braves and six on the Phils (I believe) after playing so badly so it cannot be that bad! Throw on top of that a depleated bench because they are thrust into the starting lineup and way too many starters down and you have yourself a problem. The even brighter side of things is that their starters are still dealing.

Of course, they picked the worst time to hit this streak of crappy play as they are hitting a string of very good teams, but whatever. Heilman will not have much of role in the pen come September as I think Sosa will be there when Pedro comes back and someone else might step up from AAA. I'm not sold on Aaron anymore and they should have sold high, not that they didn't try. Such is the case with relievers and more especially disgruntled ones...they can be stellar one year and dissapointing the next.

Heath Bell, where are you?

Sassdawg. said...

Please dear Baby Jesus, Please deliver us a healthy Endy Chavez.

BookieD said...

Oh, and do you agree that the 2007 version of Guillermo Mota is pretty unremarkable? Think about the way the organization has handled guys like Heath Bell and Jeff Keppinger, take the opposite and you have the Mets' treatment of Mota. I'm not saying we must dump him immediately, but the situation should be monitored closely...

Coop said...

Bookie, I am not a Mota fan. I've gone on record for that. And Heath Taco Bell is cleaning up for the Padres. I think he's happy at home.

SNK said...

The Mets have been pretty brutal the past few nights but let's face it, this isn't exactly "do or die" time just yet. The Bravos have lost 3 of 4 and the Phils are always hot and cold, so they should be in a cold streak next time we face them.

But, I'm worried about Endy. Coop, you didnt need the sound on to see how much pain he was in - we didnt get much more info than just seeing the way he went down - didnt look good.

Is it wrong that I refuse to tag Rollins with the title "Met Killer" because I dont want to give him that much respect? I'm in denial.

Coop said...

SNK - welcome! Want a link?

I don't want to give Rollins the title Met killer either. He doesn't deserve especially after his fluff on Opening Day. But he knows when to bring it much like Larry Fine, but this is the only time so I let it slide.

SNK said...

Thanks Coop! I like your site :) a link would be great - I'm new to blogging this year, but I'm really enjoying it so far

I guess the jury is still out on Rollins- he is nowhere near Larry status, but so far his mouth has annoyed me more than his bat. He didnt ask for a meatball from Heilman, he just took advantage of getting one!

debmc said...

Hey, Coop! It's your buddy debmc from F-U!

I know, F-Me too, right? LOL

You know how I feel about the BP.... when he's pitching in a game, it almost look as if he's pitching BP... yuck yuck yuck.

And a really galling 3 run HR to Jimmy Mouth Rollins....... the HR alone would have been bad enough, but with two guys on base.... well, it's enough to make you puke up the nice and greasy fish and chips..... blech...... lol.

Anyway, I'll be checking in periodically, you just never know when I might pop up!

Zoe said...

Ugh, the Endy thing was sickening. Has to be the worst outfielder injury we've seen, and that's saying something. But at least we've got Gotay and Easley on the bench this year instead of Woodward--who was nice as anything, but just...not too reliable.

Okay, so scratch off June. It'll be a month of healing. But better June than August or September. There's still time to come back strong and make a helluva lot of noise in the season's second half.

And remember...Pedro will be back then...

See? Even when Aaron Heilmouse lets stupid Jimmy Rollins beat him up, there's still room for optimism.


Sassdawg. said...

Please Omar Minaya, I know that you read the blogs. Please, please, please, trade Scot "Just Forefit" Schoenweis. I hate this guy almost as much as Jimmy Rolins. Please just trade him for what ever you can get, trade him trade him trade him.