Saturday, June 09, 2007

It's Good to Get Wood...

...OK so that was TOTALLY not mine but an advertisement I saw in Port Authority Bus Terminal for Six Flags.

But it made me laugh after a particularly frustrating loss today. Plus it was terribly ironic, since the Mets did in fact get some "wood" today..

...Meaning the BATS!! People, bats!!!! Bats are made of WOOD get it???

Ok enough.

So Oh Pea had a less than stellar outing but that's OK. I give him a pass since he's had his game face on this whole season. But I am getting a bit concerned. I had him pegged to be a CY this year, but at this point I might be lucky for him to a .500 pitcher. Which I guess is decent for him. but I feel like Oh Pea should be better than that. Stat, care to enlighten what his stats should provide?

I guess the real story here is that even down 8-3, the team "battled" in the spirit of Art Howe to get within a run. This is promising since the last few games, no one on the team could hit water if they fell out of a boat. So 7 runs while seemingly behind the whole game...that's good. Good good good. go. I'd almost rather have Just forfeit out there.

What pisses me off about Mota though is that Oh Pea would be looking at a no-decision had he not given up three runs. Bastard. Doesn't he realize I have big plans for Pea? Sheesh.

Now for tomorrow, I'm liking our chances again tomorrow. It could go either way. All I know is I'm going to start rioting if Tom Glavine doesn't win again soon. Or if Jose Reyes has any more rally killing stumbles and gets picked off or doesn't remember how to hit.


OK so Roidger Clemens made his debut today. I figured this would make y'all laugh cause it certainly helped me out -- Some Yankee blowhard over at SI writes that Clemens is the swift kick in the ass the team needs.

Ok the same guy who begged out of a game against a real team to play the Pirates.

Repeat after me. THE PIRATES.

In the immortal words of my aunt, you have to be fucking kidding me.

I can't even dignify this with a response. So instead I'm going to read a book. Later.


Sassdawg. said...

This just in on and I'm not sure it's a good thing.

Mets Barbados Weekend Bash packages also include:

• Buy One Get One Half Price Island Activities - Click here for details »

• Invite to Mets Barbados Weekend Bash Reunion at Shea Stadium in 2008 (Includes Picnic Area game ticket, food and beverage. All Barbados Weekend participants will line the warning track for the National Anthem.)

• Mets gift package

• Watch the Mets games, with Mets alumni players including Jerry Koosman, Felix Millan, Anthony Young and Ron Swoboda.*

• A relaxing, fun-filled weekend, on the island of Barbados, where you will experience the authentic Caribbean!

If I read that right, Anthony "I lost 25 starts in a row" Young is now active with the Mets. What the hell is that about???? For $2800 I get to hang out with AY for a long weekend???? Oh boy, where do I sign up. Does the Mets brass think that the fans have miraculously forgotten about that little gem of 2 years? Granted, Koos and Swoboda would be allright, but AY, who are they kidding

SNK said...

Hey Coop, did you realize that this week "Roidger" (love it!) is scheduled to face off against your boy Oh Pea? But if the Mets bats get hot by then, I'm sure his groin will be aggravating him and he'll want out. Better to save his energy for the D-rays.

debmc said...

Hey, Coop!

Oh Pea against Pea Balls tonight -- I mean, it couldn't have been scripted any better for you, could it?

Should be some game.

It's just too bad it's not at Shea, so Pea Balls would have to step up to the plate, in more ways than one, lol!