Tuesday, June 26, 2007

If A Mets Fan Doesn't Complain...

Is (s)he still a Mets fan?

I should be happy they won last night (on a Shawn Green 11th inning home run, no less)...I should.

But three hits? Three goddamn hits??? (If you don't know where that's from, dude, I'm not gonna tell ya!!)

Don't get me wrong...a win is a win is a win.

But come on guys. You can do better than that.

In other news, Atlanta won last night. Phils had the night off.

And the Pennant Race begins...
Visit Flushing University today for my piece on Moises Alou!


Jill G said...

All I know how to do is complain too! But at this point, let's take what we can get!!

Mike said...

It's all good, Coop. 4 in a row.

GaryG said...

At least they made the hits counted. Felt real bad for Sosa, who had a bounce back game. With any run support, he woulda won.

We're not gonna win many games scoring only 2 runs or getting 3 hits. I consider last night's game a steal.

MetsGrrl said...

I agree with all of the above. But I still felt like there was something going on, there was less desperation in the at-bats. Does that make sense?

debmc said...

I'll take the wins, any way we get 'em.

But I am concerned with the lack of consistency of the offense. It's way too streaky for my taste, and now that it looks as if Alou has a TORN quad, the need for shoring up the bottom of the lineup with another right handed legitimate power threat type guy becomes even more pressing.

And of course, Delgado needs to get going, now more than ever. There's just no place to hide him in this lineup.

mr. met said...

We are not complaining we are being constructive! ©

Sassdawg. said...

Irony? 4 game winning streak, "Just forefit" (no longer worthy of defiling my dad's first name) Schoenweis pitches once on Sunday in a 10-2 blowout. "Just Forefit" comes into a tied game tonight....Joe Blow of all of 6 minor league homeruns in 4 seasons hits one out tonight. You "Just Forefit" stink and you are the asshole of the week.

(Props go to Toasty)