Tuesday, June 26, 2007

If Looks Could Kill, I'd Kill My Television

I'm sitting here in my computer room...I have to admit, I got a little frustrated at a few things tonight. For one, Oh Pea pitched a gem, as per usual when he needs to step up his game. But that's not what's frustrating per se -- the fact that everytime Carlos "Rally Killer" Delgado comes up to bat at a BIG moment -- you know, like in a key at-bat when there are 2 outs and runners at the corners in a tie game -- he grounds out, strikes out, pops out, fill in the blank...He just doesn't HIT one out.

Couple that with Jose Valentin muffing a get-out-of-the-inning play in the 7th...

I was pissed.

Turned my TV off and decided to futz around on the Internet. But of course, being the sadomasochist I am, I keep sneaking peaks at the box score. Just sneaking.

Of course, in typical Met fashion, Jose Valentin hits a game-tying double in the bottom of the 9th. And THEN, of course, Willie sends up Julio "Rally Killer Jr" Franco to get the 3rd out.

Oh by the way, I was still afraid to turn on my TV. Still haven't. Still watching the box score.

Good news is, Oh Pea gets a no-decision. Just as long as he didn't get a loss. Just not right - he pitched his ass off tonight. That I DID keep the TV on for.

It turns out I could have left the lights, the TV and the radio on as far as the game was concerned.

Wanna know why?

Cause Just Forfeit just forfeited the game.

Make him Rally Killer III.
According to Yahoo! Sports, both New York teams are interested in Buehrle.

Essentially, we'd be giving up a few mid-to-top tier prospects for a 3-month rental.

Something tells me, once again, the media is using New York team's to up Buehrle's ante. Which you know, is fine by me, just as long as like Pelfrey/Humber and Milledge don't end up ChiSox.

Omar's never pulled the trigger for a deal like this before, something tells me he aint gonna do it now.

In a stroke of irony though, our buddy Metstradamus almost accurately put the wheels in motion for this type of deal by suggesting a trade for Buehrle back in November (scroll down to November 2nd's posting and subsequent follow-ups on November 3). It's a classic, and I remember chuckling at his ideas. They might just come true...hopefully not, but whatever.

Lastly, I will be in attendance at Citizens Bank Park this weekend on Saturday for the FOX broadcasted game. Quick question -- I was going to drive there, but I wondered if anyone had ever taken the Amtrak there. Thoughts? Feedback? I did a quick search and it seems awfully expensive for an event I paid like $40 for.


mr. met said...

RE: Philly from a person familiar with Philly, but not me....

Hey - I've never done that, but you definitely can...Amtrak from NYC to Philly is about $60, and it'll drop you off at 30th Street Station:

That's in Center City Philly, not near the ballpark at all, but then you can take the train in philly (the Broad Street line) to the ballpark - no idea how much that is, or if you're better taking a cab. Also, might want to do NJ Transit instead - it'll be longer, and you'll have to switch at Trenton, but a lot cheaper probably than the $60.

Willie's instance on using Franco just confounds me. I just don't get it. If anything else points to cluelessness more, please let me know. He is just so fixated on certain things. I don't blame him for Scott S...just no other options right now.

Delgado should bat 9th...with the pitcher batting 8th. Simple as that.

mr. met said...

More on the transport....I've driven there before and it's easy and fast. Especially on Saturday. I'm a big driving person so I'd also lean that way. Also, do yourself a favor and eat a cheesesteak and a pulled pork sandwich in the outfield. Lucious.

Dan said...

before you take Amtrak, check to see if its an express. Amtrak runs very few of those anymore. Which means your ride might be longer than you'd think, as it'll stop all the time. I use to take the Empire, which ended up having an 8 hour run time to go 360 miles. The Philly run at the very least prob stops in Newark, Princeton, Trenton, but I wouldnt rule out there being other stops as well. Eventually it becomes cheaper and quicker to drive.

SNK said...

Coop - for the record, Franco isn't "Jr" in ANY way, haha. Rally Killer Sr is more like it, lol.

See you tonight!! :)

Coop said...

Ditto Stef!

Thanks to all who posted ideas. Believe I am sucking it up and driving in with Pops