Friday, June 01, 2007

The Happy RECoop!! May 2007

What time is it? It's Happy ReCoop time!!!

I've decided to make this a monthly feature instead of a weekly - that got way too trying!

April might have been tough to compete with, since the almost flying start (excepting a few bad losses to the Braves early on, etc) netted of Player AND Pitcher of the Month honors with Jose Reyes and John Maine, respectively. Of course, those two seemed to have come down to earth in May, but are still pulling in decently.

Anyway, the short story of May is...David Wright. Thankfully, he decided to return this month after disappearing in the month of April. For the month of May, he raised his average from a measly .244 to .286, bringing it to a total average of .267. Although that is a glaring dropoff from his totals in the entire 2006 season (.311), keep in mind his taper off occurred around All-Star Break last year (which led me to believe HE believed his own hype), and he still managed to hit over .300 on the season. Which also leads me to believe he'll be JUUUUUUST right.

The second story of May is the re-emergence of Carlos Delgado. Not only a week ago, over at Flushing University, we were calling for his head on a platter. After he jacks two home runs, 5 RBIs in Florida, PLUS 2 HRs that still haven't landed against the Giants in the last week, Carlos D is starting to produce and become intimidating once again. Delgado coming around can only mean scary things for the rest of the NL. Or AL, since more interleague play is coming up. On April, he hit a whopping .188 (really? I got this from Ultimate Mets Database, but I thought he was at least .200) to .284 in May. NICE.

On a side note, it's interesting to see how each member of the team carries the rest of the guys when someone is slumping. In April, it was Reyes, Beltran and Green holding the team together, with an occasional late-inning home run from Damion Easley! Now, Reyes, Beltran and Green tapered off in May, but with the re-emergence of Wright and Delgado, plus with Paul LoDuca producing in the mid-bottom of the line up, this team will also be JUUUUUUST right.

Lastly - who was right about Oh Pea all along?!?!? In a paraphrase of Pedro, who's *your* mami? Seriously folks, you all know I've been high on Oh Pea all year. With three wins (and a no-decision against the "Real Deal" Lincecum, but kept the Mets in the game where they ended up winning), our newest Brave and Yankee-killer has evolved from erratic and flamboyant head-case to flamboyant control pitcher who makes hitters look like Little Leaguers.

Someone brought up - has any one team one pitcher and player of the month two months in a row? Since this month, clearly Wright and Pea have carried the team.

I was also saying last night to a Mets-naysayer (he's a Yankees fan) that when Pedro returns (who's already talking smack, I love it), Mets will be unstoppable. I also wrote at the beginning of the season, in Coop's Crystal Ball, that Pedro would neither positively nor negatively impact the team. It would be status quo -- which could be a good thing. But I see the light he brings to the team when he's around, it's only a matter of time folks.

June will be a test - interleague always seems to screw the Mets, meanwhile division rivals get to play teams like the Royals. But it should be fun.

D-Backs this weekend. Hopefully, the scattered storms won't delay the games toooo much. On a side note, last year on Cap Day (which is this weekend), it also rained like a bastard, and it was delayed for hours...PLUS it was a doubleheader I believe. Yikes! I left that before the game even started.

Anyway I'll be around this weekend, so look for postings on the weekend. Later...

I missed the collision that sent Beltran out last night - but here's hoping he'll just sit out the games this weekend. I never imagined myself saying this - since I have been known to call him a poochie sometimes - but Beltran has really centered this team. I would hate to think he'd miss any significant time.

To Matt & Ant - sorry guys, I had a brain fart about plugging you.

This is straight from the source! A highly educational blog spot!!

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mr. met said...

If you ask me, Beltran didn't even hit his knee. Not that I'm calling him a liar, but I'm just saying it was minimal. They'll sit him a day at the most.

I've done the entire knee on knee collision and it hurts like a bitch right away, but gets better quickly. I wouldn't be really surprised to see him in the lineup today, though we'll be well covered if he isn't.

Mike said...

Much as I love Reyes, Beltran is the Mets best player.

Coop said...

Mike, agreed. I have maintained on several forums that Beltran has been way more valuable than reyes in so many respects this year. Not that Reyes isn't valuable! But Beltran I think because he's less flashy doesn't get recognized as much.