Saturday, June 30, 2007

Coop + Oh Pea = 2Gether 4Ever

Before I get started I have something to say...

Once upon a time, there was a girl named Coop, who grew up to be a die hard Mets fan. In the course of the years, she became readily obsessed with certain players but none so much as Oliver Perez.
So without further ado, today - June 30 ,2007 - I, Coop The Coop, met my obsession.

Of course, that was not the only story of the day...since the Mets have taken THREE out of FOUR games thus far with the Phillies, division rivals and skanky fans...but a team that has a really nice stadium.

Let me take a step back here. Mr. E (The Coop's Dad) and I head to Philly this afternoon and get in to see some of the warm-ups. But beforehand, we were psyched to be at a new nice stadium and look forward to us getting out new one ourselves:

I can only hope that Fred Wilpon is taking lots of notes at these newer stadiums...there were virtually NO lines at any stand at a sell-out Saturday game. And the kicker? The help was actually POLITE!!!!!!
Anyway, it was nice to see the likes of John Maine (who I thanked for a "lovely evening last night..." the people in the crowd thought it was funny), Duque, Mighty Joe Smith, Pedro Feliciano, and of course Oh Pea. I kept yelling "OH PEEEEEEEEEEAAAAAAA!" When he was throwing, he had a spring to his step and wondered if maybe my affectionate nickname for him was doing that. Then I started yelling, "Senor Sabor!! Senor Sabor!!"
A few of the guys (Maine, Smith, Duque) came over to sign autographs, and I had a feeling Pea would be too. So I positioned myself in the stands to be by him. Lo and behold, he's RIGHT NEXT TO ME. Finally, I have his attention.
So what does The Coop say?

"Ollie, I call you 'Senor Sabor.' YOU are 'Senor Sabor.'"
Pea's response? "Yes."
Hmmm...I guess he agreed...
Anyway, I said, "Pea (note from Coop: I really did call him 'Pea' to his face!!!), I NEED to get your pic, you don't understand." Well I guess he did, because he posed with me.
So couple that with a Mets win (Three in a row against the Philthy Phils!!!), and Coop is one happy camper. So is Mr. E.

And for the record, we *did* specifically ask for the last row!!! A bunch of crazies in our section...I even ran into Cow-Bell Man!!!... I visited another expat in the lower section. Apparently, someone had a "Joe Carter for President" sign. I thought it was very clever.

Apparently, meeting The Coop was too much for Oh Pea tomorrow and he got out of his start. So now we turn to some Pelf-Help. Just when I thought a sweep was within our reach...

Well it can be. Cause you know's a good day. I mean, I met Oh Pea today. Wonders never cease. I am a happy camper. And by the way, did I mention I met Oh Pea and called him "Pea" and "Senor Sabor" right to his face???

Oh and as of today, the Phils fall back into third place, 6 games back. Braves are back in second, 4 games back. Mets won. Coop met Oh Pea. Life is gooooooooooooooood.


Zoe said...

That story's hilarious, but yay for the pic!!!

SNK said...

NIIIIIICE! So awesome. I love that you called him that.

Sassdawg. said...

Dude, Pea Rocks!!

debmc said...

Coop, YOU are the man.

YOU are the bomb.

YOU met Oh Pea!

Gee.......... lol!

Great pics, and I'm so happy for you that you got to meet and greet some of the guys.

But ESPECIALLY your dearly beloved, we are gathered here together.... uh, wait a minute, let's not get carried away, there, lol hee heee heee.

Oh Pea and thee -- perfect together! :)

Zoe said...

Coming back again this morning to look at such a perfect couple :)

GaryG said...

Must have been like living out one of your fantasies. Really cool you got to meet him and got that picture which you can now place under your pillow at night!!!

BookieD said...

Great Job! What the hell did you do to him that he couldn't start yesterday??? Stay away from John Maine and don't go anywhere near Pedro!!

I love that Philly ballpark. Did you check out that kickass bar on the field level? They have all new wood furnishings, flatscreen TVs, an outdoor patio. It makes the Diamond Club bar look like...well, the Diamond Club bar. The Luskinsky(sp?) barbeque, the Schmitter and Gino's steaks are awesome. Fred had better not be stocking CitiField with crappy Aramark hot dogs and chicken sandwiches.

Mike said...

Cool. Excellent, excellent, excellent, Coop.

Now if his teammates start calling him O-Pea, you'll know you've done the job.

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