Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Coop and Dingo's Bogus Journey

Let me preface this by an Eddie Murphy voice...I AM HAVING. A VERY. BAD. DAY!!!!

While a bitch didn't try to stab me in the baffroom, it seems like everything could have wrong and did today. Like my cat deciding to knock over every single thing on my dresser in the middle of the night. Then not being able to go back to sleep.

Couple that with making it to the ferry landing in time for the boat...only to have myself and the five people in front of me be the "cut off." The next ferry was late.

Work wasn't too bad. But afterward was going to be my escape...The Mets game! And my date with Oh Pea.

And I got to meet up with a fellow F-Uer. Nice.

So it should go off without a hitch right?

Ummm...have the Mets won any serieses since like May?

OK I digress. I tell my buddy Dingo (or Ding Dong or Ding-ee, as we like to call him over at FU) to meet me at 6:45. The Coop likes to pride herself on being on time.

The #4 train leaves me in the dust...waited another 10 minutes for the next...take to Grand Central...wait ANOTHER five minutes for the 7 (which is usually like right there).

Needless to say - we miss Oh Pea's first pitch. Damn. I was feeling that no-hitter tonight too.

It was obvious Pea didn't have his best stuff but it didn't matter...the Mets were going to WIN this one!! Versus some scrub no one's heard of (btw, does the Twins starter count as a SUCK ME candidate?). In the bag baby.

Well, when Pea threw his mitt across the clubhouse after he was taken out...I knew trouble was a-brewing.

And hey, with the way the rest of my day went...I should have known.

So Dingo and I entertained each other during this loss by spouting off movie quotes all night. Ladies and gentlemen, I think I've met my long-lost twin brother. And yet, we look nothing alike. Huh.

Of course, I had to wait another 5 minutes for the next #7 train to get me the hell out of the dodge. Which by the way, couldn't come soon enough.

But with the way my day went, was it surprising?

Nope, not even shocking.

Thank goodness for off-days because frankly I can't take another one of these series.

Oh by the way, Cleveland and Boston won. Look who they played if you don't know already (but I know you do, dear readers)...We're still in first, as Ding-ee so eloquently put it. Hey, we've won the most games in the division. That's something to cheer about, right?

Bogus, dude.


benny said...

... fucking Mets...

GaryG said...

Great news Coop. We can't lose on Thursday. We're not playing.

mr. met said...

Going to the game with someone nicknamed Ding Dong is baaaaad mojo.

You wikipedia it if you don't believe me, but I digress.

Oak-town is coming to town this weekend and they are one of my favorite non-Met teams. So for me, this series should be a bit more watchable no matter what (and don't worry, I'm not setting the bar too high with a series win). Too bad (though some think it's good) we are going to miss Haren. I would have loved to watch him pitch.

Mike said...

OPea treated ya' wrong, Coop. I'll have to have a little talk with him about this.

debmc said...

Coooooooooooooop. LOL

Having a bad day? LOL hee hee hee. Man, right now I wish I had one of them nice funny descriptive smilies we have over at FU, lol.

But anyway, I'm glad you and ding dong have gotten acquainted. It sounds as if you're having some fun despite the maddening play of our boys, except for last night of course, Game 1 of the A's series.

And man, don't the A's eerily remind you of our boys the last few weeks? I mean, anything that could go wrong for them, did. They played like, as I like to say, Ishiit. What a nice descriptive way to say "shit," huh? LOL

Cheer up, Coop, because I think there is a new old guy on the horizon - yep, the X Man himself. The X-ter. Mr. X. Xaaaaaaaaaavier. Playing the outfield. Hitting the ball. X-a-RAAAAAAAAAAAAA-ma........ lol hee hee hee.

Come on over to FU tonight, I'll be hanging around at various times, that is, unless you've got something better to do, like going to the game live and in person. With or without dingo. Ding dong. The diiiiiiiinger. Ding-a-RA-ma. The dingster. Dippity ding dong. Dingooooooooooooooo.

Hee hee hee........ LOL!