Saturday, May 19, 2007

What a Loooooooooooooong...Strange Game It's Be-en....

All I can say is...What a bizarre game.

First of all, Coop's Dad or Mr. E as he in known in his circles gets on a train that is delayed for 30 minutes, so we miss the top half of the first inning and get to our seats to "hear" Jose Reyes has gotten on base. I'm not in the seats yet, but someone starts teasing his Yankee friend about a new pitcher they are bringing in. I'm like - huh? Seriously, I thought it was a joke.

Alas, ~this~ Mike Myers was not shouting Groovy Baby!! Turns out their starter got knocked out of the game...sounds familiar. Didn't some Yankee pitcher at the beginning of the season break his leg when he was hit by a line drive?

And so goes the rest of the game. Last night, Z-girl and I were remarking on how quick the game was. Tonight? Three and a half hours after the game starts...and I'm getting home around the same time I would if it started at 7 pm! Insanity, I tells ya.

So today Glavine obviously did not have his best stuff but he managed to eke out #295. David Wright certainly looks to be getting his groove like Stella once did...but man, are the Yankees a bunch of pussies for intentionally walking him. WTF was that about? And each time, a righty walked him to face a LEFTY!!! Insanity, once again, I tells ya!

After the 7th inning though, it certainly did look like the game *might* just coast after a LOT of weirdness. So I am going to say right now, I am not the biggest Willie fan...but I had to applaud him for having Just Forfeit on a short leash. I think some fans were going to riot if he wasn't taken out.

Then as it looked as though Billy Wagner might Wagner-ize the game once again...throwing away a sure out towards home but not getting the force?? He managed to shake it off and get the last two outs of the game.

Takin care of business!!!

But it certainly was delayed...the business end of it anyway.

Fans to note during the game:
Cow-Bell Man was hopping around and in rare-form. But for the Man of the Cow Bell...I guess rare-form is normal.

And I cannot leave tonight without remarking on a guy sitting in my dad's section today. Over in section 10 of the mezzanine, some Mets fan starts his own chant...Yankees Su-uck - Lets Go Mets! Yankees Su-uck! Lets Go Mets!!!

The whole game. Not one second of the game was not filled with his voice emanating from the rafters.

As the Yanks brought out Brian Bruley, he starts yelling - Who is Bru-no??? Who is Bru-no? (to the Lets go Rangers, it's not Lets go Yankees).

Even security thought this dude was a clown.

Finally the game was over. But I still hear his voice in my head. Lovely.

Have a good night!


BookieD said...

Crazy game. This is the first time in while I haven't seen at least one Subway Series game in person (for obvious reasons, for those who read Toasty Joe--I watched from the lounge in the maternity ward with some other proud parents and relatives.) Even playing sloppy , this team is an unrelenting machine. The Braves series will be plenty fun! BTW, I remember the series in '99 at Yankee Stadium when the Yankees beat the Mets in the Saturday game, putting an exclaimation point on a Mets' losing streat that ultimately led to the firing of a number of Met coaches, and some Yankee fan in the upper deck unfurled a banner that read ".500" (the Mets' winning percentage as a result of the loss). It was a tough pill to swallow. Well, if the D-Rays cooperate, with a win tomorrow night, the Mets can knock the Yankees into last place. If it comes to pass, I hope someone will be on hand to document the occasion. Isn't that what the Subway Series is all about?

Mike said...

I admire your positivity for not mentioning the author of the late-inning craziness: The Show.

(And The Show has gotta Go.)

Let's cash this sucker in tonight.

Coop said...

In case you didn't see on Toasty's web site Bookie - CONGRATS!!! You hit the jackpot buddy!!

Mike, but I did mention the culprit...he's called "Just Forfeit."

George said...

Yesterday's game reminded me of the final win against the Dodgers in the playoffs last year--the Mets in the lead, but it always seemed just about to slip away. Way too nerve-wracking.

Oh, you could even hear Cow Bell Man on the Fox broadcast.

Toasty Joe said...

Coop - on behalf of the grammar police, thank you for being the only blogger I've ever read to spell "eke out" correctly. For some reason, everyone and their brother thinks it's "eek out," like you're squealing after seeing a mouse or something. Pisses me off to no end.

Coop said...

No kidding George! The whole game was like that...even with a 6-run lead. It was funny when A-Rod hit the HR...I turned to Dad and said - the pressure's off!

Toasty, I didn't know that was such a plague but thanks for the encouragement!