Sunday, May 13, 2007

Oh Pea - Oh Pea Baby - Won't You Let Me Take You on a...Pea Cruise

Remember what I said Jose Reyes did to me a few weeks ago?

Well, amplify that more for Oh Pea.

I didn't attend the game nor did I watch it on TV. I listened to most of it on the FAN.

The funniest thing was that I got to hear another perspective on the game. For one - I could hear the cheers more and more amplified on the radio. Second, I heard Howie Rose's take on the whole non-no hitter thing for the Mets. I know he at least makes an attempt at being impartial but I got a good chuckle out of it. He said - either the first Mets no-hitter would happen in the last year Shea Stadium is alive. Or the very first game at CitiField!

I have to agree sort of. But on the other hand, I don't think we have to wait too long for "it" to happen.

This will be the year. And with John Maine and Oh Pea coming close, real know what, I think it will be someone we least expect. Like Glavine or Duque. Hey, maybe Sosa. Isn't that usually the case? It's not only the one you least expect, but it's usually the guy that turns around his season in a new park, on a new team.

Or maybe it will just be John Maine. That's who I'm pulling for anyway. Maybe we should start a pool. Any takers?

Nice to see the Mets blowing up in the 8th inning. NICE!!

All in all, I think the Brewers are finally meeting their match. After playing in mostly a weak-ish division the first month of the year, their schedule is going to get decidedly difficult. And as someone related on Flushing University this week (sorry, forget who, or I'd give you credit...if you stop by, please identify yourself!)...the Mets have obviously not been clicking on all cylinders.

Well, goddess help anyone who is playing them when they eventually DO. It will be ugly. Or beautiful, depending on your perspective.

So Pelf is finally getting some Pelf-Help. I think this kid will be decent. Just in the midst of a tight race, this is not the time to experiment. Hopefully, this won't mess with the kids head. But Mike, The Coop has to disagree. I don't think Punxsawtawney Phil is the answer. I think the Mets rotation the way it is, when Duque is back and Sosa as 5th man (sort of), is good now.

But here's another perspective. I wonder, maybe, just maybe, the calling up of Carlos Gomez - who rocked when he needed to rock - might be a showcase of sorts.

Pelf has somewhat decent stuff, it just needs to harnessed correctly. Gomez is a bonafide rising star.

Does someone maybe smell a trade?

Just some weird thinking The Coop has going on. But with Toronto being in disarray, and Oakland having a penchant for young guys with upside...maybe there is something in the works?

Just sayin'...

Hey Sassdawg (and anyone else who is interested)...take a look at Jose Valentin's new love interest. Hopefully, it won't ruin the Yankees' investment TOO much...


Mike said...

Good stuff, and assuming Duque's coming back, I'm cool with Sosa for the time being. I just wanna see Phil if Duque stays on the DL.

BTW, any idea why Gomez got the call over Blastings?

Coop said...

I think Phil should come up but has a VERY short leash. He bombs in the first outing, he's out.

As for Gomez, I'm suspecting either he or Stings are going to be trade bait. If Gomez is sold at his highest "value" (which let's face it, Stings is pretty neutral right now), we could sell him and a couple parts to the Jays who are hurting. I'm just convinced we are getting someone from there.

Coop said...

BTW Mike - I totally had a brain fart about it. Stings is out with an injury. Henceforth why he is not called up :D

benny said...

Start a pool on the no-hitter thing? I say Deolis Guerra. He will do it sometime before 2015.

I don't think Omar will be making any trades this early. I think any new significant players will come around the deadline.

Mike said...

Ok. That makes sense. Gomez is real young. I hope they don't move him for something stop-gap.

Ed in Westchester said...

They hopefully will not move Gomez. Alou is going to struggle with his legs all year. Green is a FA at the end of the year. That's two spots for next year.
I love Endy, but do not think he can play every day over the long haul.
Fernando! Martinez is a ways off, so Lastings and Gomez could be in the corners next year.

Humber has had a couple of rough outings of late. I think he might need a tad more time. As does Pelfrey. It is odd that he showed so much in the spring, but has lost it. Perhaps he just overmatched the fringe guys, but once it came time to face regulars, he was shown to not be ready yet?
He had enough of a shot here. Let him work it out in NOLA.

BookieD said...

My sense, based on everything I've read in the media, blogs, minor league report, etc. is that Omar is not looking to trade Gomez or F-Mart. I think 'Stings would be the most likely trade candidate should something go down. This Gomez promotion is likely something akin to 'Sting's cup o' coffee with the Big League club last year. Of course, we're all hoping Carlos III pulls a Miggy Cabrera, lights it up in the Bigs and makes it impossible to send him back down. Why not?

It might as well be Phil (Punxatawny Phil--I like that!). We need a 5th starter for at least one, and possibley two or more turns in the rotation, and there isn't anyone at New Orleans who is pitching well enough right now to earn the promotion (though I read that Phil was very good yesterday). If El Duque's injury persists, do you think Brian Lawrence is the next option? They wouldn't promote Mulvey from AA would they?

mr. met said...

Start a pool on the no-hitter thing? I say Deolis Guerra. He will do it sometime before 2015.

'Tis a sad existence we lead. If I have to wait seven or eight more years I might kill someone.

DG said...

Coop, I say it's Pedro Martinez next year or it's at least ten years from now. A no hitter is the Mets' Godot, the inevitable that never arrives, and in a way I kind of like it that way. Maybe no one should ever throw one for the Mets; maybe we should always be waiting for one; maybe a whole unknown but teasing realm of joy/excitement is just outside our reach and maybe the delight of all those misses is what really keeps us going. There are certain little quirky things in life that are worth not tampering with, and I think this may well be one of them.

The other is the Mets' all time record for futility, which for the first time since the Tigers narrowly escaped the onerous embarrassment of supplanting the expansion Mets may well be in the margins this year. The Nats are just so bad that I will likely start to root for the Nats to win later this season as I did for the Tigers. That said, there's a certain level of inevitability in this case that makes me wonder if this is the year.

If that is the case, then naturally there should be a Met no hitter this year, but I'm not very secretly hoping neither, however dubious, slips from the team's grasp. I guess I'm just funny that way.

How 'bout our man, Ollie? Gotta believe!

Sassdawg. said...

Well it's official, Scott Schoenweis is now and in perpetuity nicknamed Just Forefit.

Coop said...