Friday, May 11, 2007

The Mets in..."Getting Even with Suppan"...or "Revenge of the Bats"

So FINALLY we can say - we got Jeff Suppan where he f'ing breathes.

Well, technically, Shea Stadium aint where he f'ing breathes, but I just felt like saying that.

Anyway, yes, for those not watching at home (and I wasn't, I was sitting in a bar, getting drunk and cursing Aaron Heilman) or at the game (see: other postscript), the Mets finally got to Jeff SoupsOn...albeit, seven months too late.

But it felt good, period, to just score a bunch of runs off the offensively gifted, decent pitching anchored and scrappy young Brew Crew.

Now here's an issue I have here -- OK, for one, we have to give props where props are due. Billy Wagner has been simply f'ing owning the save situation. I've been afraid to say that for a while, but you know what -- if he shits from here on in, you can personally blame me.

But the true issue is -- Aaron Heilman. A few of us have speculated what his problems actually are. Is he hurt? Is he pitching in pain? Is he mentally wounded for losing Game 7? Is he lashing out at the establishment that has conformed him into a reliever when he truly believes he is a starter?

Well, after tonight, I think this.

He's a pussy.

No if ands or buts about it.

I remember something he said after the NLCS was over. About how - yeah, you know, it sucks that I gave up that home run to Yadier Molina, but hey, in the regular season, there's always a tomorrow. I have to get used to that.


(Wow, talk about repressed feelings there, Coop.)

Now, if I'm Willie, Soul Glo, Julio Franco, Glenn Chico Resch, whoever, this is what I tell Aaron.

Pitch every inning like it's your last. How do *you* want to be remembered?

Other than that, I'm very pleased with the outcome tonight. But where the fuck did Jose Reyes go?

So I was reading an interesting article today.

Actually three interesting articles, if anyone cares to count.

The short story is: The Blue Jays are fucked.

The long of it is: BJ Ryan is out for the season. Halladay is out with Xavier Nady disease. Now, Troy Glaus is out, day to day it seems (no word on whether this is serious).

OK now I read a fourth article where it mentioned that the Jays are in talks about a "fire sale." Apparently, they are not at the place they want to be, now with their proverbial lights-out closer out for the season, their ace sidelined, and a sketchy injured third baseman...who would you want?

I think the Jays are extremely talented, just not tons of direction.

If you were Omar Minaya - who would you target?


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Sassdawg. said...

I'm all bout halladay when he comes back from his appendectomy. Willie could use someone who can throw the appendectomy ball.

AJ Burnett wouldn't be a bad fit for the middle of the rotation.

I'm not 100% sure where Vernon Wells would fit into the outfield?