Saturday, May 19, 2007

Luxury Box Crashers

"Ooooooooh the Good Life" to quote a great Sinatra Song. Ok, so the Mets won last night and in spectacluar Oliver Sabor Perez fashion. Great ballgame, Endy comes out big last night and hits a 2 run jack to insure the game would end how we have all come to expect.

But the real story from last nights game is how around the 4th or 5th inning, Nick the respectable Yankee Fan (whoda thunk it) and I, had to go drain it. So we check the mens room on the Mezzanine level, looooooong motha of a line. So Nick and I decide , eh, let's go down a level and well to our surprise, it's actually very easy to sneak into the Luxury Box section. Oh and Luxury it is dear readers. Big comfy couches, free good food, nice padded seats in your section, a private bathroom, and the greatest thing of all bottles upon bottles of free beer. I was in heaven, of course this morning, I'm not feeling so hot, but I need coffee. It's really funny, Me and Nick are hangin out watching the game and the guy who organized the whole shindig is talking to us, we're shooting the shit, it's all quite funny. You really can't tell from the picture where we are, but I had to at least include some proof.

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Coop said...

Sass, I was looking for you around thr 7th inning - guess this explains why I couldn't find you!!!