Sunday, May 27, 2007

I say F@*K You Jobu...I Do It Myself

See - two day in a row, two references to Major League...

I didn't get to the see the game, until the last two innings. I had to watch the end in a bar too, since my TV hasn't been working (long story). I asked the guy next to me if Carlos D was benched tonight. He was like - no, he's got 5 RBIs.


Good to see Carlos D is waking up bats. But also, that this is signifying some kind of turn around for the team. By beating the Marlins, especially with waking up in the 9th inning on Friday...they are beating the teams they NEED to beat.

And with Philly beating Atlanta...we are 3.5 games in first. Philly is over .500 now. But I'm not worried about them.

So for once, right field is in a quandary right now...Carlos Gomez has tweaked a hamstring, Green has a broken bone in his foot...and our replacement Stings the Blade Runner is also injured.


Now our saviour is Ben Johnson. Ben Johnson????

Well, at least we have options.

But where's Moises Alou when we need him?
Straight from You-Have-To-Be-F'ing-Kidding-Me files...Jane Heller files for divorce from the Yankees.

You know what...although the Mets have arguably provided more sadness than joy in my life over the years, the going through the sad parts really makes me appreciate the joyfulness that is baseball.

Save a few years where ~gasp~ Yankee fans couldn't see their team make the postseason, we all know they hopped on the Mets bandwagon...until oh say around 1995, when the Yanks started to show sparks of talent and rising.

Now they are not great again, they are ready to jump ship again?

As a Mets fan, and I'm sure most of you can relate, if i jumped ship all the times I was disappointed in them, was bored with their play, couldn't stay awake during games (this actually happened to me, back in 1996)...I'd have been eaten by the sharks by now.

Now the Yankees trot out of a different AA guy every five days, their antiquated rotation is getting more and more beat up by the day, their bullpen is atrocious, Torre continually runs them into the ground, and you have 25 guys taking 25 limos after each it any surprise their fans truly feel no allegiance to them?

Methinks this...if fans like Heller were ever Mets fans, they'd have given up a long time ago.

Which will make our victories even sweeter this year.


KAYLEE said...

I was mad when green went down after all,he is my favorite player:)

Peter N said...

COOP---your link is up...Hi Kaylee. Yankees lose too. What a Sunday, maybe capped off with another SOX win?

Coop said...

Kaylee - I checked out your blogs. You seem like a Sawx fan...even though you like Shawn Green? He never played for Sawx...please explain!

Peter - thanks and my pleasure. Anyone who hates the Yanks as much as I do, regardless of team allegiance, is cool by the Coop :)

KAYLEE said...

I like the mets to I watch every one of their games too:-)Thats how I became fond of him!

Mike said...

4 1/2 games, Coop. 4 1/2.

Coop said...

Mike - NOW we are 4.5 games in first. We weren't when I wrote this :D

Peter N said...

Thanks Coop, for my link, and yours is up on my blog, too. I'll be stopping by as close to daily as I can...hope you can too!!! And I hope your holiday was wonderful. Will the Mets and the Sox have an eventual October meeting??? I can't wait to see, and I'll enjoy this '07 season with you all the way.
Blogger friend and baseball fan Peter N.

Peter N said...

Hi Kaylee!!

*62 said...

Remember, they're not booing ..... they're yelling "Cooooooooop"!!