Wednesday, May 30, 2007

I Am SOOOO Glad He Is Not Playing For Us Anymore...

I remember back on Opening Day 2005, John Franco was on the Houston Astros roster. I didn't think he would play that day -- frankly, I thought their manager would be an idiot to do that, since he was booed during the introductions (back in 2005, Kazmir-gate was still fresh in our minds). Lo and behold, he comes in eventually and immediately gives up a bunch of runs.

So now think about how many times Armando Benitez blew saves for us back in the day...and how that boomerang is coming back to hit him in the head.

Couple this with Lastings Milledge hitting a game-tying home run last year in a save opportunity, and now Carlos Delgado coming back from the dead...TWICE...this was a good night.

"It's not my problem. His job is to pitch and my job is to hit." -- Delgado, on Benitez (LOL)

To be honest folks, I didn't see much of the game after Oh Pea was taken out. Though he had a decent night, the Mets just couldn't score off Lincecum -- another Gomer Pyle look-alike who was fixing to be the next SUCK ME candidate. I ended up falling asleep soon after...

Oh and by the way, Atlanta lost too.

I am going to a concert tonight with SassDawg, so I probably won't be posting for another two days or so. See you in a few!


mr. met said...

Lincecum as SUCK ME candidate? No way. Dude is legit. SUCK ME only works with no namers. He is already the type of guy that you almost assume a loss against and don't feel that bad when you do. A win against him is great one.

That Delgado quote is simply tasty. I will take all the credit for his resurgence as he has bounced back significantly after a six inch sticker of him was plastered on the wall at work. I will try and work up stats to reflect his numbers pre-sticker and post-sticker.

What concert?

George said...

I'm with Mr. Met on Lincecum, and not just because he's on my fantasy baseball team (actually, Oh Pea is too, now--yesterday was a nailbiter in too many ways). Lincecum just brings it with movement on a fastball I haven't seen in a long time. And he's not even 6 feet tall.

Oh, you go to a concert and can't post for 2 days? That's some concert!

Coop said...

I know, after last night especially, the Lincecum is the real deal. I only used SUCK ME because...well, face it folks, he looks like Gomer Pyle and Alfred E Neuman had a baby.

Hee hee hee - about the concert. I am going to see Keane at the Rumsey Playfield. I was just warning. I might just save my post for the Happy ReCoop for May on Friday. But who knows, i've been known to show up even when I say I won't be here.

mr. met said...

Lincecum does look like he's 12. Really amazing. You guys like that hook? Humber has one just like it and throws 94 mph. Once he gets back on track he is going to be fun to watch. He's not on Lincecum's level, but he's still pretty damn good.

Ah, enjoy Keane. I've seen them open up for U2 and they were good.

Coop said...

I've seen Keane multiple times, including a show at the Bowery Ballroom for a small crowd. It was slamming, they are seriously one of my favorite bands.

benny said...

Lincecum is not a SUCKME Coop. Lincecum is going to be a name to remember for a long time. The kid is nasty. SUCKME's are reserved for pieces of shit like Kyle Davies.