Friday, May 25, 2007

Help Me Get This Monkey Off My Back...

{Sass, if you can find a good photo of a monkey on someone's back to insert here, do so!}

UGH! Last night's game was so frustrating. Of course, I was in good company most of the evening, so I can't complain.

But why oh why the Mets can't seal the deal against the Braves this year -- and most notably why GLAVINE can't seal the deal against his best friend Smoltzie -- is beyond me.

I got into a lot of trouble on BMF this week, about my desire to see Beltran or Delgado or any guy on the team play his guts out, with broken bones, compounded fractures, exhaustion, they did in the 80s. You know, heaven forbid they SET THE TONE early on in the season. I got reamed -- Coop, this isn't the 80s, the landscape is different, blah blah blah.

But still I ask -what's wrong with doing what Bobby O said the '86 team did...go into town, eat some steaks, drink some beers, and beat your team (in so many words). I guess my point is the swagger is different this year. And the team remains mostly the same.

Look, you guys know I am far from being a casual fan. But even I can see this was an important series. Why can't the team? Smoltzie didn't even have his best stuff and it was only two friggin runs Glavine gave up!!

My other question is - was Glavine really all that dominant when he pitched with the Braves? I mean, he clearly sucks ass at the Ted now. Thank goodness for Oh Pea.

Yes, we are still in first place. But it would have been nice to go into Miami with the extra game. And let the dust settle in Atlanta instead of them thinking they have our number.


MG said...

Let me offer a supplementary viewpoint: what we didn't have in the 80s was the media EVERYWHERE, looking at everything, blogging, television, radio, a zillion more outlets and channels. This is the era where the other new york team can broadcast their BATTING PRACTICE.

I would argue that they DID know this was an important series - the look on D. Wright's face last night after the bad call. he THREW EQUIPMENT! But the thing is, anything the team says will be taken apart, dissected, exaggerated, etc etc etc.

Look at how many reporters asked Delgado about the "The Puerto Rican Mr. T" designation. They're there, they're on payroll, they need to ask questions and get some kind of story, no matter how inane.

So the mets keep things quiet. Under wraps. between themselves. You don' t think there weren't some hard discussions before marching into Atlanta? I think there were.

I just think that for whatever reason, they just don't have it together. Paulie seems to be the only one who's maintaining his zen and is able to be consistent and isn't letting the current dilemma frustrate him to the point of not being able to perform.


Dan said...

As far as last night, I'd place the blame more on the Mets batters than Tommy G. Bases loaded and no one scores? We had plenty of runners on, more than enough in scoring position, and it took us till the 9th inning to get just one. the Braves bullpen was only ok, and Smoltz was good but hitable (Clearly, since we got runners on). Wright and Endy went hitless. Glavine at least kept it extremely close.

Coop said...

Hi Dan - first welcome! I agree - Glavine did a good job of holding down the fort. But still...he seems to lose it every time at the Ted.