Friday, May 25, 2007

Hats...For Bats. Gracias

I had it all planned out, I did. If the Mets got shut out tonight, the title was going to be "Wake Up Bats!!" This saying panned out well last year in a game where the team was being shut down during a Cubs game last summer, I believe it was Prior who had no-hit them through like 5+ innings.

Anyway, short story long, the bats *did* indeed wake up (perhaps someone offered rum and a cigar to Jobu?). To me, it's funny because in a stroke of irony, I think...if we are up by one run in the 9th, no problem. We have Wagner coming in. HUH? When did that happen?

Instead we get Aaron "Big Pussy" Heilman in there, messing up our stuff again.

But then something magical and mystical happened. They scored runs. And lots of 'em man. Which was good because I was going to get pissed off about these RISP. What's all that about?

Of course the 9th is without incident as the Marlins score one. But we win. Thanks goodness for nine innings -- cause it truly aint over till it IS over.

And the irony is...Big Pussy gets the win. Well, wonders never cease.

Pedro's back!! OK, maybe not entirely. But I think he provides some kind of inspiration to those around him. With Duque pitching his ass off tonight, it's only appropriate. It also makes me think about how...GOOD it will be once Pedro returns.
My gals to prove it!! Check out Zoe and Metsgrrl for the Happy Recap (though the game didn't turn out the way we liked)...on our Gal Blogger Night Out (guest starring Cow"hyphen"Bell Man!).


Mike said...

Pics indeed -- of Coop & cats & TVs, good things all.

But no pics of the Hawaiian Tropic girls or the "hootchie mamas"! I feel ripped off.

At least the Mets got the big win.

benny said...

I have no idea why you call Aaron Heilman "Big Pussy" but that is one of the funniest things I've read in a while, HAHAHA.
Big Pussy, haha.

Coop said...

Benny - refer to this posting on Heilman