Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Few Thoughts On Baseball Today...

I am watching / listening to the game right now. It's the top of the 4th and the Mets are up 2-0.

I have a lot going on but didn't want to leave my "fans" hangin! So I will leave you with some juicy tidbits to hold you over until I can write some more...

~ Most of you know I am not the biggest Willie fan. However, I do like that he can assess his line-up and he seems to have more "balls" for lack of a better term in shaking things up. Willie two years ago would have said, "These are my guys. Carlos Delgado is my clean-up hitter." Of course, I know Carlos D wasn't on the team two years ago but that's besides the point. Now, he's not afraid to move him down the order. I'm sure they had the heart-to-heart. And Carlos, being a man, took it as such. It seems to be working. Willie scores some brownie points with me as far as I'm concerned.

~ In a non-Met related note, well sort of...since he's a former Met...Heath "Taco" Bell is listed in this article as a contributor without the hype. I guess a trade worked out on the other side of Omar's favor. Where is Ben Johnson exactly? I think I'd rather have Bell than Just Forfeit at this point. Not that anyone cares about my opinion or anything. Moving right along...

~ Tomorrow night, the Back Page on 3rd Ave and 83rd St in NYC is hosting an SNY viewing party during the Mets / Braves game. I've never attended one but I've always wanted to. So I'll go! Stop by and see the likes of The Coop and other bloggers in the community (Hat tip to my gal Zoe via Metsblog).

~ As I get ready to sign off, Oh Pea strikes out the side in the bottom of the 4th. Oh, I am a Pea Brain.



benny blanco from da bronx said...

I just wanna tot my own horn and show how badassed and cool I am, yesterday in the comments section before the game I said:

Alright, fearless yet realistic prediction time. Oliver Perez will pitch 7 innings give up 4 hits walk 2 give up 2 runs while striking out 8.

7 innings? check
4 hits given up? check
2 walks? check
8 K's? Nah but close, he got 5. I would have gotten this right if he didn't wait until the 4th inning to get his first strikeout.
2 runs? WRONG but fuck it I'll take it!

Coop said...

Well, I'll sacrifice some Ks to get the Shut out. Good job, Benny!!

Ed in Westchester said...

I'm spreading the O Pea love today Coop.

I don't worry about him no more.