Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Covering for Coop

Hi folks, The Dawg. here covering for Coop for the next couple of days while she's on vacation. While I am definitely not the English major in the family I will do my best.

Went to the game last night "so lonely". Last night's game was couple of team highs and one very personal low which I will share with you now. This game started like many of the Mets games I've been to in the past. I grabed a 32 oz. in the LIRR station. I scarfed down a couple of dried out dogs, got my ticket and boarded the train. Of all of the dumb luck I elect to sit down next to a talker....Baaaad, so bad. I won't bash on all Long Islanders, most of them are allright in my book, but let's just say that this one is moving to Brick, NJ real soon. Yack Yack Yack, I think that the White Zinfandel she was swilling through a straw went straight to the motor neurons that control yackity yack yack yack. Starts talking to me about the baaaaad career choices she's made. Explains to me how she's working for a bankrupt comodities trading group, (running the joint as a wire clerk) and taking online classes from CUNY for a bachelor's degree in Liberal Arts, Yack Yack Yack. Shea Stadium could not arrive soon enough. Then further more had the audacity to ask me if I thought that was a liberal arts degree was a good idea, and if it would help her land a job working on Wall Street, final word..........NO, but it might make nice toilet paper someday, but me like a shmuck gives her my card in the hopes of landing a referral bonus when I pass her resume on to be a teller. But to quote the 40 year old virgin "It's like when I was growing pot, you have to plant a lot of seeds"

The team on the other hand: Pelfrey battled and looked 1/2 way decent, and Sugarpants finally got his sh** together and parked one like the little celebration that Mrs Sassdawg. and I had earlier this evening as a result of OH Pea's fantastic win today.

Speaking of which, let's get down to today's business then shall we.

O Pea, looked down right stupendous today, fanning 10 with only 3 walks no complaints there, ahh who am I kidding, the only thing I can complain about with respect to todays game is that I was stuck in my office, looking at the beautiful day out the window and watching the scoring summaries bounce up on my Bloomberg. It would apear that David "Sugarpants" Wright has turned the corner in his battle of the slump 2 hits and an RBI in today's slaughter.

I have a partner on my mini plan, however my partner has shown no interest in being brought into the fold of the Summer Family (but he's going to write me a recomendation for Grad School that I don't need(I'm still looking at Duke Business School, it's just a shame that I'm practically married and too old to join the Lacrosse Team)). Going forward, if somebody wants to join for a game, let me know, most Tuesday's are unspoken for.

Let me know, Seriously.

I have been experimenting on a site that I discovered last season. Does anyone else play on Protrade. It's a site where you make "investments" in players and are subsequently rewarded when they do well and are punished when they do poorly. Fun little site, but enough of a plug and a side rant.


Coop said...

Thanks Dawg - good job. see you all next Tuesday!!!

Mike said...

Fine work, Sass. Good break getting to cover that sweet Opea perfermance, huh?