Saturday, May 19, 2007

Coop's Renaissance - Thanks to Oh Pea and Winning...

Going to last night's game (which by the way, thanks for the interest, I managed to do a "swap" and went last night and someone will be sitting in the Coop box tomorrow) was a big deal for me. For one, it was my first game without a man who shall remain nameless. Two, I was able to use the strength of being a blogger by finding someone to go with me through the Underground Blog Railroad Network. Lo and behold, a great time was had by all, but I can't help thinking, this is going to be a game that I will remember for many reasons and not just the personal one.

For most of my "fans," you all know one thing about me - that I am HIGH on Oliver Perez. My infatuation (purely on a pitching admiration level) for Oh Pea is legendary. So after his 1 run, 2 hit performance last Sunday, I think I was thinking what EVERYONE thought...did he have it in him to pitch two gems in a row? Something, I think we all agree, he had trouble with all season. The consistency thing.

Although he looked a little shaky at first, Pea managed to turn it around and become Senor Sabor once again. Happy jumps, not-so-happy jumps...I know his pitch count was at 108 but why Willie took him out when he did is beyond me.

I'm just glad Wagner didn't Wagner-ify the game once again. Then again...he likes the 1-run games better.

So like I said, I attended the game with a fellow female blogger. We had a lot of fun, but we sat in Upper Deck so it was a ROWDY crowd. Some of the things said during the night -

"Do you think the Yankees go back and say...'Andy, can you Pettitte? I'm feeling blue!"

Some Yankee female fan threatened me after I...and what the hell, about a 1000 guys started chanting YANKEES SUCK as we were leaving the stadium! She asked me, why I cared? Then proceeded to tell me how many championships they won. (I guess I looked non-threatening, not like the hulking guys from Woodside who would beat up their moms in a bar then go and puke and listen to the Stones).

I turn around to my partner and said...hey, remind me again, who won tonight? What was the score??

Do we REALLY TRULY care about how many championships they've won? To me, it's in the past. Yes the numbers are daunting, but I'm thinking in terms of this year.

But what I truly care about...are these classic S.U.C.K. M.E. candidates they have going out for them. I think they exorcised that demon this year.

I'll be back tomorrow with more, since I will be going today too.


Mike said...

Great stuff last night. I thought, "Coop must be PSYCHED right now" when Ollie leapt the baseline in the 8th.

Ollie, Endy, Paulie (even Billy)! I'm giddy.

Zoe said...

Exactly. Who cares how many championships the Yanks won in the past? Steinbrenner ain't shelling out that bankroll for history!

Thanks for an excellent time, new friend!!