Thursday, May 10, 2007

Cawfee Tawk - Travel Day Edition

Remember: Friends don't let friends drink Starbucks

So Gary Cohen says something interesting at the end of yesterday's game. As of May 9, the 2007 Mets are 21-12.

As of May 9, the 2006 Mets were 21-11.

So - my question is - why we trippin', baby?

I guess there are a few reasons.

One is - there have been in my most humble opinion a few games that we could have easily won. A few games against the Nats, the Marlins...with a team as gifted offensively, one- or two-run games are kind of nonsensical to me. I know, I know, we can't win 'em all, but in April, these are the must-win games for the must-win team.

I also feel like we need to give Pelf help another two shots since it seems like the bats just took a nap during his last two starts.

We've also had the fortune of playing against - let's face it - weakish teams in the mostly NL East. With these teams, we should fuck their moms and make them watch and cry like little bitches. But after coming back from a road trip 4-2, I was a little encouraged.

The main one reason we are tripping, I would guess being that also at this point of the year, our main competition - the Atlanta Cowards - were 14-18.

I mean, let's face it guys -- the 2006 NL East pennant was ours for the taking. This year - not so much.

We've got two "spoilers" in the division, in the Marlins and the Nats. The Marlins have the penchant for strike-out / home-run artistry and the Nats, well...they will lost a lot of games, but will definitely spoil a few come September.

The Phils are currently 15-19. But I wouldn't count them out for too long. I predict Charlie Manuel will be the first manager firing this year, and after that, the Phils will go on a win streak.

But the Braves...The Braves are going to be the proverbial thorn in our sides this year. The NL East will not be easy and we will definitely have to beat the Braves in order to do so.

This time last year, we were 6-4 against the Braves, now are 2-4. I remember the very first series we lost against them last year, Smoltzie and all those guys were saying these were a different Mets team, these guys fought all the way, blah blah blah.

I also remember Cliff Floyd and Carlos Beltran begging out of the line up then. I know, they were hurt or whatever, but i distinctly remember someone saying -- if this were the 80s, and this were a Cards series, Keith Hernandez, Gary Carter, Wally Backman could have limbs torn from them and would still find a way into the line up. We desperately needed to set the tone.

Well, we took the Braves series-es 11-7 last year and set the tone for hopefully the turning of the tide. It was a little slow blasting off this year -- but with Delgado mashing and Wright finding his groove, and without sending the likes of Jose Lima and Jeremi Gonzalez and Alay Soler out there every 5th day...who knows? This season might be easier than we thought.



Speaking of setting the tone, the Brew Crew comes into Shea this weekend. The Brewers currently have the best record in baseball (WTF?) at 24-10. Our favorite playoff MVP (note: sarcasm) Jeff Soup'sOn, Ben "Dancing in the" Sheets and the Brewers' version of John Maine, Chris Capuano (5-0 record) versus the likes of Jorge Sosa, Mike Pelfrey and Oh Pea hardly invoke the fear of Yahweh in you.

I say - let's kick their asses, and show them a real team.

But mark my words, the Brew Crew stays healthy, they will ride that momentum all the way to the postseason. Not that they would make it far, but far enough.

Let's just say I am thinking a Millie-wah-kay series.

I won't be at any of the games this weekend, and my first game back at home is next Wednesday. Come visit Mezzanine Section 14 if you are planning to attend!


Itsmetsforme said...

"With these teams, we should fuck their moms and make them watch and cry like little bitches."

Make me blush, that's the spirit!

i am looking forward to seeing the brewers set up man, Derrick "Squeal Like a Pig" Turnbow. His entrance music is dueling banjos. I know he's in Mil,and I'm safe, but I still always check the locks when i see him on tv.

Mike said...

The Braves are winning an awful lot of lcose games. They're really not much better than they were last year, but they're winning all the close games they lost in 2006.

The Mets are the better team. I think this'll work out fine.

joe said...

I'm an occasional poster over at mike's metropolitans and a frequent lurker on your board coop, but I had to add to the great points you bring up today Why, instead of panicking, haven't more people mentioned this side of the story? Maybe it's because the only reason to be alarmed this year is the improved Philly and Atlanta teams putting up more of a fight, but aside from that...

Last year at this point I believe the Mets had won 9 of their games by only 1 run, compared with just 3 this year. So while this year we feel there are a few we should have won, last year there were a few we probably should have lost. Then you can look at the runs scored and runs against. Something like 151 runs scored last year at this time compared with 165 this year. Also 124 runs against and only 113 this year.

Last year we had an early 7 game win streak, while this year we have two of 4 games each. Plus we were on an early roll against, I think it was Florida and Philly, when we had two games rained out. Last year, at this point, when we won games we did it by an average of 3.2 runs, compared with this year's 4.7. We also lost games by an average of 4.2 runs last year, while this year it's only 3.8.

So overall things are looking pretty good. Considering our bullpen is performing great even though it's not full of the people we expected. We yet again are piecing together a rotation and I believe their era is better than last year's squad at this point. Plus while some players are performing better than expected, I think the drop in their performance will be by far outweighed by the improvement of Wright and Delgado.

Some might say the team isn't clicking, but I don't think that's so abnormal. It's a long season and this team has the ability to survive all of the bumps in the road. Come October it'll be just like last year - which team can get the job done when the game is on the line? And these Mets have proven time and time again that they are gamers!

joe said...

Good point Mike, the Braves have won 12 games by 1 or 2 runs. If they had lost half of those games, we would be in first by about just as many as last year. We already have 6 and 7 game leads on Florida and Philly.

Coop said...

Hey Joe - first time commenter, long time lurker! Welcome to MSF! I am happy to hear I have some admitted fans out there, that makes my career as a blogger worthwhile :D

To point out what you said, well i'm just glad someone agrees with me because I was getting slammed for admitting my impatience with Willie Randolph on another board. But as Mike pointed out (hey there stranger! long time no see), maybe it appears the braves have been playing over their heads too.

Interesting enough.

Coop said...

And Eric that nickname is GREAT!!!