Monday, May 21, 2007

Cawfee Tawk - On The Road Edition

So the Mets have a day off today, and subsequently, so do we as fans.

As my friend over in Flushing University, Debmc, says - hey, seven out of 10...that's what *I* call a winning home-stand!

I can't say that I can complain about taking two out of three from the Yankees (although, I have to admit, the sweep would have been niiiiiiiice), two out of three from the Brew Crew (the "hottest" team in baseball), three out of four from the Cubbies. How can I? Complain, that is?

Well, I can't. I'm very happy with how the home stand turned out.

But let's turn that energy into kicking some Brave butt and set the tone for the 2007 season!

Let's go back to the month of April. Let's talk about the Braves had our number in the first six games of the series this year.

Is this the same Mets team who faced them in April?

The answer is a resounding HELL NO!!!!

David Wright could barely hit his weight. Carlos Delgado was...well, he's still in the same position he was in during April, but I get more and more encouraged by his at-bats. The pitching staff is a little more solidified with Jorge Sosa (?!?!?!) replacing Pelf. Jose Reyes and Carlos Beltran were carrying the team, but now the proverbial playing field is a LOT more level.

The way the team is playing now...they are a LOT better and more well-rounded than the Braves wish they could be. And I am not only predicting a series win from the Mets but complete annihilation of the Braves this week. No Prisoners!!!

This week will indeed set the tone for the season. It's up the Mets to decide who is going to set that tone.

I'm hoping that this is inspiring to you guys, because right now, I feel like going out to a biker bar and beating the snot out of the first redneck I see!!

So now I leave the floor open to y'all...Do the Mets have what it takes to lay the smack down on the Braves this week?

I think so, but I'm curious to see what you think. Forget about the past demons. Forget about the past, period. I'm talking about the now. I think we can take these bastards. And f*** where they f***in breathe!!!


metsgrrl said...

provided glavine doesn't melt down, and if we can find a way to keep david "waste of space" newhan out of the lineup - oh, and if we can avoid using scott Schoensucks...


Coop said...

You mean "Just Forfeit" Schoeneweis!

mr. met said...

The Bravos have no shot. Glavine moves closer to his 300th win and Oliver Perez moves closer to his CY Young.

Coop said...

Aw right Mikee, drinking the Oh Pea Kool Aid

mr. met said...

I was drinking it until I checked his VORP and BAIP...

His VORP is like 5. Weird. The names that are above him are astounding. I thought he would be up much higher...Joe Smith is above him! Also, his BAIP states he's due for a bit of a regression, but the good news is that it's not insanely low. If he can manage to pile up wins a bit more I do think he'll be in the discussion and finish in the top ten. But right now? Peavy, Hamels, and Oswalt are looking like the early favorites.

Let's just say I'm drinking the Kool-Aid, but there wasn't much mix left and it's not that strong.

benny said...

Kool-Aid is just gross...

Alright, fearless yet realistic prediction time. Oliver Perez will pitch 7 innings give up 4 hits walk 2 give up 2 runs while striking out 8.

Toasty Joe said...

See, this is why stats like VORP are useless. Just trust your eyes, Mr. Met. What are they telling you about OP right now?